Sunday- A deserved day of rest!

It’s been a busy week this week! Starting in Hampshire for ‘Car-Fest South’, we played in the VIP tent with a high calibre of guests including the headliners The Kaiser Chiefs! It was our first experience of ‘Glamping’ too and I can assure you, a posh bed doesn’t take away the noise, the freezing cold or the hangover in the morning; But there was a smashing breakfast to help assuage the latter! 

During the week we’ve been back in the studio working on some new tunes. I’ve had man flu and am claiming it helps me write lyrics- Sleeping all day makes for more dream-like inspiration, honest! :) Ad’s also discovered the vocoder this week; you can hear a lovely little ditty here: 


Then we went to play at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Feastival’ on Friday where we ate ‘festy specials’ of lobster sandwiches and paella before playing to a lovely crowd of people who stuck with us through the spitting rain! Cheers guys! Here’s a little mash up of our pics taken this week. 

Upcoming: We’re excited be playing Old Trafford next week as part of our ‘Ambassadors of music’ role to the amazing ‘Soccer-X’. And then we’ll be leading into our new single ‘Lovers Of New York’ Feat. Lee Ryan in a few weeks. A few TV slots on the horizon too so keep your eyes peeled for announcements next week… Exciting times! 

See you all soon.

Rob and the boys. X

Lovers Of New York Feat. Lee Ryan OUT SEPTEMBER 14th

So yes, the Twitter murmurings ARE true. We have recorded 'Lovers Of New York' with Lee Ryan (Blue) and it's out on the 14th of September!!! We were always very proud of Lovers Of New York, but for the single version, we wanted to make sure it was unique and different from the album version that you all have already!  When Lee told us he loved the song and agreed to feature we were delighted. We hit the studio and couldn't be happier with the results!

You can now pre-order (and hear a little sneak preview of course) HERE!

Leopallooza 2014!!!


We're excited to have just been added to the mega lineup at Leopallooza Festival in Bude, Cornwall… The festival runs from August 1st-3rd and we play on the Sunday (3rd). Already announced are bands like Foxes, Fenech-Soler and Dry The River and we're looking forward to being part of the weekend!!!

Tickets available from: or 01288 350377 


'Red Moon Falls' Official video

We're proud to release the official video for our latest single 'Red Moon Falls!' We are incredibly lucky to have been introduced to a superb animator from Canada, Jonathan Ng, who has been so generous in allowing us to use his work. It was through his short film 'Requiem For Romance' that we saw the potential for a collaboration with his film and our new single. Instantly, when we put the two creations together, the song and story entwined in perfect sync and sentiment. Hit play and let us know what you think and feel free to share!

The single is available from iTunes HERE

And make sure you check out the original film 'Requiem For Romance' HERE to get an alternative version! :)

AND... if you guys love his work as much as we do, check out his limited edition art prints and DVDs HERE

Red Moon Falls

You spend your whole life looking for somebody to save you, Someone to tell you when you’re wrong, Someone to praise you when you’re strong. We spent the whole night talking to each other like strangers. How do we feel so alone, after the years that we’ve grown together?

I’m tearing down the streets again, Leaning heavy on my friends, I should have let you love me then, And this would all be over.

Honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully. Honestly, I’m not what I used to be, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully.

See I was too proud, never could accept the shoulder. ‘Cause nobody knows the way we are, These bullets of love will never scar.

And if only there were demons taking us over, The reason there’s fire behind your eyes, The reason we turn away at nights and so I’m,

I’m tearing down the streets again, Leaning heavy on my friends, I should have let you love me then, And this would all be over.

Honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully. Honestly, I’m not what I used to be, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully.

‘Cause I don’t feel you with me, There’s no faith to give me, I can’t find the way I used to feel your pain, I don’t feel you’re with me now.

‘Cause honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, And I’ll come back graceful. Honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully.

Oh, this could all be over. Oh, I should have let you love me then.

You spend your whole life looking for somebody to save you.

Haslemere Fringe Festival, 5th July

Haslemere Fringe

"Be sure to wear flowers in your hair,if you're going to Haslemere Fringe Fest, Summertime will be a love-in there"... I think that's how the song goes...

Hi! The festival season is really kicking in now and we are being blessed with the sun, so let's make the most of it! :) We're excited to announce our next summer show at the 'HASLEMERE FRINGE FESTIVAL' on the 5th July.

For those of you who are local to us, it's only an hour from Brighton or an hour from London... And for those of you not so close... come anyway! There's a great line up including good friends of ours 'House Of Hats', and 'Jazz Morley' and many many more.

Check out the poster for the line up and all other details you will find on their easy-to-navigate, comprehensive website:

Hope you can make it.

Love as always.


Graham Norton…


So this time last week Sir Graham Norton played our song ‘Red Moon Falls’ on his BBC Radio 2 show… which is lovely. It has also been pointed out by numerous people that Graham had a little chat about us after our song. Graham was particularly complimentary about how handsome SOME members of the band are, but how “achievable” other members are.  So we feel that now is the time to address this point, and to help Graham and all of you guys to understand our very unique look… Now as most of you will know, ALL UK BANDS for the last 15 years, without exception have been put together by Louis Walsh at the Bootcamp stage of TV show ‘The X Factor’… We were of course, no different. It’s just how it’s done now! (Ask Snow Patrol if you don’t believe me!!!)

Usually, Louis will pick 4 or 5 of the best looking singers and bundle them together in a cynical attempt to win votes from the Great British public… but with us, Louis decided to experiment a little and deviate from his usual formula.  Having discovered the obvious model good looks of our very own Rob and Clark, Louis felt the best way to display their innate beauty would be to drape them against a rather more plain backdrop. In fact, his exact words were…

“Find me an ‘effin drummer who looks like a Muppet that Jim Henson didn’t finish, put in his woodworm riddled shed and forgot about for a decade!”


“A keyboard player who looks like he could have been good looking, but then didn’t step off the escalator at the end, got pulled in and squashed down to half his original height. BUT he was left with the genitals of a much taller man so in a way he is still happy!”  (What? I’m writing the blog!!!)

So… Mike and I were discovered and Rubylux was formed!  It’s an unusual set-up, but it works for us. After that strange start where we had to battle with being only half as good looking as some of the other bands that Louis creates, we are really happy to now be hearing our songs on radio stations all over the UK and in a way, we ourselves have even forgotten just HOW ugly we are… so it took Graham to mention it for us to remember our past and pluck up the courage to let you in to our little secret!

Love as always X PS some events in this blog are likely to have been fabricated for your entertainment!!!  Except that bit about why Ad is a bit short etc…

23rd June @ The100Club supporting 'The Last Internationale'


If you think it's over, better think again. There'll be no compromise, turning up the power. Feel adrenaline. Move into overdrive... Here comes the revolution!!! It kicks off on Monday night in London from 8pm. We'll be playing our hardest, rawest songs to match the grit of the headline band 'The Last Internationale'. There's a real buzz around these guys... Probably because they're awesome, the drummer is from 'Rage Against The Machine', and they're on tour with The Kings Of Leon. You don't get much more cred than that!

8pm at the prestigious 'The 100 Club' in London... See us open up heavy for these rockers:

11th June - The Haunt


We are excited to announce a last minute show at The Haunt, Brighton on Wednesday 11th June. We have been chosen to take part in a new advertising campaign for Samsung, and this show will be filmed as part of the advert! Get your glad rags on, we need you looking your best!!

As a thank you for helping us out (on a school night!), We are opening up this awesome gig as FREE ENTRY!! We'll be blasting out some new tunes, and the usual favourites! It's quite an early start, doors open 7pm, and we'll take to the stage around 7.30pm.

Let us know your coming by RSVPing on Facebook, and spread the word on Twitter!

Camden Rocks...


... and it most certainly does! It was either... Mildred's, Bettie's, Beatrix, Joan, or Nora's... whatever the name of the venue, it was definitely the smallest stage we have ever played on. Everyone of us was within a Hi-Five distance from each other, there wasn't enough room to sweat!

But the jam packed (Insert correct venue name here) crowd more than made up for the lack of perspiration on stage.

With no sound check, dodgy monitor mix, and all amps turned up to the obligatory '11' the place would have been bouncing with dB's alone.

Loud, Proud, Sweaty, and Bouncing. Everything we had expected from our first festival appearance of the year.

A few birthdays's in the Extended Ruby-Family to top off a great gig, Son and Jakey Happy Birthday!

In a bit!



March 22nd Announcements[1] copy 2

Howdy! Hope you’re all keeping well! We’ve got some very exciting news… We’ll be playing at quite a few festivals this summer which we will be announcing soon… HOWEVER, we’ve just been told that we will be HEADLINING LAINFEST on the 22nd of June! We’ve never headlined a festival before so we are very excited to be playing at this amazing festival in its 5th year.

We’re planning on staying for the whole weekend to enjoy the full experience so we invite you to join us! (As a bonus, I’m pretty sure Rob will be out at night with his acoustic, he loves a campfire singalong!)

For more info, go check out their website at The festival is based somewhere between Birmingham and Nuneaton… ‘Gopsall Hall Farm’ to be exact!

See you soon!

Mad love!


Rob, Ad, Clark, Mike

Một Hai Ba... Dzô!!! (Cheers!!!)

A week today we will make our 3rd visit to the beautiful country of Vietnam! "Must do's" on our list are as follows

- Ad must shop at least 4 times a day in the same market to buy calvin klein boxers at £1 a pair, that Clark will 'borrow' very long term. - Mike must get sun burned and be 'the little man from Chester' for a day or two, until he gets the jet lag out of him. - Rob must say he will 'eat healthy' on this trip, but have ribs or steak most nights. - Clark must remember to steal a pair of knock off boxer shorts from Ad.

Hen Gap Lai!!


Friday night at Concorde2 kicked off a bit…

We hope you all had as much fun as we did… it looked like you did!!! It felt so good for us to be back playing in Brighton… a big shout out to all the bands we had down as well! Rod Gozzett, Scarlette Fever and Wildflowers all put in huge performances, and we are very happy to have been able to introduce you all to them!

Here's to a big old live music filled 2014 for us all!



ps Check out a nice little gig review that local Brighton newspaper The Argus ran today…


Rubylux - Big Brighton Weekender Bender!

Happy New Year Ruby-fans! So at the end of last year we had to unfortunately re-schedule our Brighton Concorde 2 show… The good news as you will all know, is that it is now on the 7th of February, which is a Friday night! :-)

We know a lot of you guys come from far and wide to see us in Brighton and often "make a weekend of it"! So for people spending the weekend in our beloved home town… We've arranged a SECOND SHOW for you on Saturday Feb the 8th! 

We're going to do a more stripped back set for you and have a drink, and a chill out too… think of it as the "After Party" for the Concorde 2 show!

Tickets are just £5… So call 01273 326514 to reserve your ticket at the Brighton Grosvenor Casino and let's all have a drink, chat and a spin on Roulette!!!

Rob, Mike, Clark and Adam