2 Turtle Doves

... just saying that makes me want to watch Home Alone 2!!! SNOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! Well... there's loads in Brighton anyway!

How y'all?!

Guess what I did yesterday?... go on?... nope.... no..... still wrong, OK I'll tell you. I did ACTUAL Snowboarding on a ACTUAL snowboard in the ACTUAL Snow! I was well good, didn't fall over once! granted I was on a pretty easy 'hill' aka South Crescent Drive in Woodingdean, regardless! it was pretty fun! so now I'm looking at snowboarding holidays!

Loving this whole run up to the festive season AND OUR XMAS GIG AT THE CONCORDE2 WOOOOPPPPP!!! My parents will be there so I must behave... HA! We are pleased to announce that supporting us will be HOLD FIRE, whom we have gigged with a few times, these guys put on a good show and have annoyingly catchy tunes :) and also BACK TO KEROUAC, Mike and I caught their debut performance 2 nights ago at the latest music bar, be prepared.. these guys come loaded with some catchy tunes too!

Anyway just wanted to say a quick hello whilst I was drying my hair, lovely shower this morning! Last time it was this cold we were shooting this little video!!

Clark - Over and Out