2010! - A VERY long blog!

Well well well, Its new years eve, so probably best to get the big end of year blog post out of the way before we get too drunk! Warning - This is a long one! Its been an absolutely amazing year for us, and a huge thank you to you all for following us every step of the way!

January and Feb were spent in France, putting the finishing touches to our debut album with our producer and now good friend James Sanger. A massive thanks to James, Ash Howes and Dick Beetham for helping to create a debut to be proud of.

As soon as we arrived back in the UK it was time to pack our bags and leave for Vietnam in March! The first time in Asia for us all, and it was an experience we will never ever forget. It gave us a great opportunity to rock out some of the new tracks

from the album, every night to crowds from all across the world! Check out some of our video diaries to get a glimpse of our time there!

While we we're in 'Nam, we we're still working on the album during the day, and gigging at night! We we're listening to new mixes, making decisions on artwork, and even putting down some last minute backing vocals in a boiling hot bedroom in Ho Chi Minh City! We also achieved another big milestone whilst out there. We signed ourfirst big deal with our amazingly supportive Investors, Shamrock and Eaglefort LLP. Their help enabled us to start our very own record label 'Luxury-B Records'. We released the album through the label on the 6th June, and stil have a great team of people behind us working hard to help promote it!

The day it came out on iTunes, I remember being super excited watching it climb up the alternative chart throughout the day. The album reached number 13, which was quite a surprise to us! So thank you to everyone who downloaded it, if you haven't... GO THERE NOW!!

Right, where was I! Ahh yeah. We got back from Vietnam in May, and started planning our big homecoming/album launch/live DVD shoot gig! The location was set, the Old Market in Hove, and wow, you guys did not dissapoint! We sold out our biggest ever show within about 2 weeks, and had an absolute blast!  (the dvd is out now, if you want to re-live the magic! lol). We we're all totally blown away by the response, and I think it was this point we all realised maybe we we're on to a good thing!

June saw us film our first music video for our single 'The Boy Could Fly', and set out on a mini tour, playing showcases and a few festivals all over the UK. From June till August was also the time we embarked on our Street Gig tour of the UK. We played nearly every Major town/city, and managed to visit countless regional radio stations for interviews and acoustic sessions! It was also at this time that the Guardian featured our story in their paper!

September was a huge month for us. We signed our Worldwide publishing deal with BMG, and made some new friends, and welcomed some new members to the Ruby-Family worldwide! We didn't really have time to let this sink in, as the day after signing we we're boarding a plane out to Singapore and Australia! 2 great shows in Singapore, then off to Australia, where we spent 3 weeks! Another dream to tick off the list! Thanks to Sat "The Facilitater" Bisla, Monte, Joe and Sara at A&R Worldwide for their amazing support beyond the call of duty!

Back in the UK in the middle of October gave us a few weeks to chill out and take things in, whilst getting back into the rehearsal studio ahead of the Brighton Music Awards, where we hung out with some genuine actual music legends, and walked away with the 'Band of the Year' award, presented to us by none other than Roger Daltrey. We are truly honored to be thought of as one of Brighton's best bands! Once again, we had no time to let the surreal night set in, as we we're back on another plane heading out to Singapore to do some promo and play a great festival to a packed out crowd.

And this brings us to the end of the year, December. A great end of year show back in our hometown, Brighton. A headline show at the Concorde2 really tested your dedication, and you all made us proud, battling through the snow to come and watch us rock our xmas socks off! And what a way to end the year it was, probably the best gig I've ever done!

Next year is already promising some even more exciting stuff, more exotic and far away countries to visit, a UK tour and some more promising deals on the horizon! If you've read this far into this mammouth blog post, then well done! All thats left to do is give a massive thank you to everyone who has helped make 2010 a fan-fucking-tastic year, and one big long (but hard working) party!!

Hart Media, Lucid, Turner Spears, Bad Moon Publicity - our promotion teams. Absolute - our distributors (Thanks to the whole team for being so supportive during a really sad time, Rob Dwyer RIP). Tim and Sam for the videos. Beth Thomas, Sam Bond Photos, Kate Bamber. Visual Sound, Maestro Guitars, Gibson, VIP Health and Fiji Water - for their continued support.

And an extra special thanks to Bob James for being a fantastic manager, and thinking all things Ruby 24-7! Yvinne Goh at BJMS for all your dedication, and Craig Hunt (our tour manager for keeping the Rubybus on the straight and narrow!

And last but by no means least, All the VIP members, and the fans for making us feel like true rock stars, and helping us litterally live our dreams! Have a great new year, and we'll check back in with a shorter blog after the hangover wears off!


The Boys, xxxx