Hey Guys, Its fallen on me to write todays xmas b-log-roll, haha, get it?

Clark and Ad have pretty much "hogged the blog" for the last 2 weeks, so its my time to share something on the blogvent calendar. I feel like I should write a big old re-cap of the year, but i'm going to pace myself and save that for the new year!

I'm currently back at my family home in Wales (yeah, thats right, Clark isn't the only Welsh one in the band, contrary to popular belief). Its seriouly snowy up here, and haven't left the house for 2 days... Eaten my way though a massive box of Marks and Spencer chocolate truffles though, so every cloud... (They are amazing).

RIGHT, my gift for today is a few pictures from our Concorde show last week. They we're taken by @sambphoto. Enjoy!

AAAND, If you're still struggling to think of xmas pressies, buy our album! (Ok, so they won't get delivered til after xmas, BUT it will be worth the wait!) They got delivered last week, after the gig, and they look amazing! I haven't even got a copy myself yet, and they are flying out of the merch store like hot cakes, so get one NOW!!!!!)

Merry Xmas! x Mike

P.s. As my quest to get more twitter followers than Ad continues, FOLLOW ME!! @mikerubylux!