Dermot and Spotify!

Dear lovely people, Not only is it a beautiful sunny Sunday but we've just had some exciting news pop in through a friend of a friend....

We just found out that we were played yesterday on Radio 2 by Dermot O'Leary! You can listen to it again here:

We're at 2hrs, 45 mins.

We aren't on the play list yet for Radio 2 so he must have chosen to play it himself which is a huge compliment to us. So he's now my celeb of the week... which is refreshing coz I've been rotating the 3 celebs that I know the names of for the last few years. :0) Next Saturday, if you manage to catch his show, please text in and ask him to play 'The Boy Could Fly' again!!

Other exciting news; we are now available to stream on Spotify! Woop!

Follow the link;

Hope to see you at the Bedford on the 8th next week in London or the 93 Feet East gig on the 21st. They're great venues so promises to be a good night!

As usual.. you can find all info at

And for now... it's teatime!... or is it dinner time? Anyway, food is calling!

Lots of love,

Rob. x