Living In the Moment

This next blog will be written in the style of a play…

Scene; Travelodge, Bath UK. Mike and Rob sit on bed, whilst Clark blows up his inflatable toy (mattress) for the evening…

Enter Adam…

Adam: My my, we have had such a long day today, haven't we? (Said in a flatulent manner)

Clark: (Gasping) By heck, we sure have, we've scaled half the country. Been up since 8… (Continues blowing) Mike?

Mike: Not a truer word spoken Clark, (in an enthused tone), i think my highlight of the day would have to have been that fantastic Acoustic Session and Interview on Oxford's 107.9 FM which one can fold their ear to HERE!

Rob, Clark, Ad: Indeed! (Simultaneously)

Rob: What a butt clenching giggle we all had, as Clark decided to perform the whole session Crossed Eyed.

Ad: What an extraordinary twat!

Mike: Not a truer word spoken Ad! (in an enthused tone!)

Enter Ye Olde Craig… (Dressed as an Admiral)


Mike, Clark, Ad and Rob Remove Hands and Replace Socks…

Craig: Don't forget I've had to drag your aforementioned clenched butts up and down our Queens fair, lush, green, royal, great and beautiful land!

Ad: (strolling flatulently) Indeed! For the morrow we depart for a public right of way exhibition, or as all the cool kids call them… "Street gigs"

Mike: Is that not just Ye Olde Busking?

Clark: PAH!

Ad: No, no, no, you're mistaken you poor lamb!

Rob: The latter is different to the former, as a man is master of his liberty, their business still lies out a'door.

All: ……. yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh…..

Mike: (Proclaiming) Would one care for one or more than one of ones finest ye olde ale of one pint down at ones ye olde Slug and ye Lettuce?

Clark: PAH! Let's. Maybe we should wrap this blog up and continue on the morrow?


To Ye Continued...