A big Thankyou...

I don't want this to sound too much like the Oscars... BUT...

I just want to say thanks to everyone who made the effort to vote for us in the Video Fight Club on Muzu.tv yesterday...  I know it may seem like a small victory but we absolutely trounced the awesome song by "I Am Arrows" in the video fight, getting 88% of the vote!

Beating a band that are currently being played on all the big national radio stations in the UK, hundreds of times, every single day has made us realise just how lucky we are to have such a hardcore following of people that will go to any lengths to help us spread the word about our music over the world...and it's much appreciated!

Also, thanks to everyone that turned out for our gig in London last night...the venue was packed and it was so nice to see so many new faces (not literally) as well as old faces(Grandad) looking back at us!  Last night was kinda the official start of this leg of our tour of the UK so it was fun to have you all there... and thanks to everyone that came up from Brighton on the "Ruby-bus", and endured the grumpy driver there and back!

Yesterday we also played an unplugged song for the guys at Balcony TV in Camden Lock before the evenings show...Then this morning we were up bright and breezy to head into Splash FM on the south coast to have a chat and play some acoustic tracks for Pete McIntosh's show...What a lovely man!

Here's a couple of photo's of the festivities!