A few Sunday evening thoughts......

1) We've been away for a few months, and have just had our first week back at home, and my house been fitted with the slightly confusing "Slow Closing Toilet Seat"... Now in theory it should be a genius invention, just drop the lid and it closes itself nice and slowly! Simples! The problem occurs because not everyone has a "Slow Close", and I'm a creature of habit, therefore I've been smashing my way around other peoples bathrooms all week, dropping lids all over the place and generally making toilet time much more stressful than it should be! Can we just all agree on one system? I don't mind either way, slow close or normal... Just one or the other before I create a porcelain shortage!

2) I saw a normal, British sized House Spider today and wasn't scared! I think my previous traumas have made me a stronger person!

3) Mixed Beans in Tomato sauce are better than Baked Beans in Tomato sauce... FACT!

4) Our first ever headline theatre gig has nearly sold out! FACT! This isn't hype... 90% of the tickets to our album launch show have been sold, and the main advertising has only gone out this week! There are some left so if you really want to come click on the paypal link on this site to get your tickets, because they may not be available on the door. We'll keep you posted, but we really want everyone that want's to see the show to be able to, as it's going to be our biggest ever!

5) We spent today having our eyes filmed as part of the preparation for the show... I'd explain why that is but...I don't really know, but Mr. Sam Bond is a genius and I'm sure he will be doing something cool with it!

Er...... That's it! Everything I have thought about today broken down into 5 short sentences! I reckon Stephen Hawkings would double that amount of thinking in a day, but would he be so insightful?!




P.S. Here's a picture of Mike having his Eyes filmed because he says we shouldn't blog without pictures!