A Lovely Review from Buzz Brighton magazine!

Rubylux debut album charts top 20 in first day of release

For those unfamiliar with the name, Rubylux are a local four piece alternative rock group who have, over the period of four years, created something a-kin to that of a cult following. Best known locally for their impromptu street gigs at Churchill Square, their fans are committed and seem to -   live and breathe the bands every move. This year see’s the dynamic quartet releasing their debut album ‘Fake Control’ and Buzz Brighton is here to review the finished result.

The album, which took 6 months to record in northern France, was produced by emmy award winning producer James Sanger (Siobhan Donaghey, Keane). The album has a distinct ‘spacey’ sound, which is produced by liberal yet tasteful use of synth’s and general spaceship and alien sounds throughout.  It’s as if Adam (keys) decided to perform surgery on his keyboard and found out exactly what it could do. Whether it’s the sound you like or not, it’s the common thread which helps theme the album.

Rubylux: Fake ControlThose of you that know Rubylux’s songs will be expecting the usual dose of head bopping rock anthems, with the odd high-adrenalin song thrown in which has the tendency of making one feel like pushing even the best of mates around in a kind melancholy rage... enter "I want you". The song has been a fan’s favourite for some time now, so by stripping it back to its bare bones, re-orchestrating and re-aligning the song to the theme of the album, I think is a brave decision. The result is brilliant though. Seemingly holding on to what made the song so popular in the first instance, yet fusing the ‘fake control’ sound with sub-atomic like detail.

Rubylux is the bands band, some say Brighton’s answer to the Kings of Leon, similar to John Mayer’s first band (before he sacked eighteen musicians a year), even being compared with the almighty rock god that is Queen. The songs rock and stop where they’re meant to and one can’t help but feel the bands irrefutable energy and commitment permeate through songs such as ‘Westminster’. This is the single most important thing for me when analysing an artist or band, a genuine purpose and being able to communicate this to the listener. This cannot be manufactured by any four random talented musicians. It’s this fact which makes the album one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard. Every track, with little exception is well written, original in its approach and is ultimately very likeable. ‘They sold you’ is one of the most well suited grooves I’ve heard in a long time. I can already see thousands singing along in the bathroom to the ambiguous lyrics of ‘Gold Rush’. ‘What you need’ and ‘The Boy Could Fly’ are both number ones in the making. Ultimately, ‘Fake Control’ is a display of master craftsmanship which I think will stand the test of time.

Rubylux will be launching their debut single ‘The Boy Could Fly’ on the 14th of June. The video for the single was directed by Tim Matia whose previous credits include Biffy Clyro. You can see the new video online and on music TV stations from next week (14/06/10). Live DVD’s, national and international tours all suggest Rubylux are the band to watch this year.

'Fake Control' is available to download from iTunes now for £7.99.