A pleaaaaaaaaasant morning Vietnam!!

So, where to start... Ad is very scared of cockroaches.

We were greeted at Ho Chi Minh airport with a ma-hooosive banner saying "Welcome Rubylux" thanks to Kris @ the Hard Rock!. From the off we've been treated like Kings and feel very welcome, the people are amazing! the food is divine (but makes us wee out of hole 2) the traffic is ordered chaos and the weather is AMAZING!!!

Just back track to the traffic for a sec... for those of you who haven't visited and don't know "the way", you just walk and don't stop!! Like Moses and the Red sea, what looks impossible is somehow pretty easy! the bikes, cars and even buses weaving in front, behind and through you. Video evidence soon.

We had our first show last night and as the staff say at the Hard Rock... we Kicked Ass!! Every nationality under the sun was here... well there were a handful of Americans a Swede or two, Singaporean and a couple sovereign Brits! After each set we were invited to sit with a different group of people who were flooding us with compliments (Beer).

A month of this is going to be amazing!

With our album in it's last stages we're still very busy between gigs, we'll be keeping you guys updated with blogs and videos as often and possible.

Right, on that note... off to do some more work (swimming)

In a bit!!