Aaaaaand Breatheee! New Video Diary

Howdy gang, We've had a really fun week! Played in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Liverpool, and every date was great. Always nice to see people singing along to our songs in places we've never played before!

Morale has been at an all time high on the Ruby-bus! We've invented some great games such as Guess the Pudding (guaranteed fun at any party!) And of course 'Gift of the Day' which involves each band member taking it in turns having to present a gift to the rest of the band at 3pm every day to the tune of Match of the Day... We've had some great treats this week, it's with great fondness I cast my mind back to the sunny afternoon in Edinburgh when Rob's Scottish offering was presented to us.. a Scottish Pen, Sottish biscuits, Scottish sweets and a whole load more Scottish based tat... Which we loved! Ad bought us some Liverpool FC based gifts (as we we're outside Anfield at 2.55 and he'd forgotten it was his turn)... But nevertheless, we throughly enjoyed the football shaped chocolates, and discounted 'Torres' fridge magnets!

Before I present you with the latest video diary (which is one of my favorites yet), its time for a small Plug! Our London show on the 12th April at Proud Galleries will be our last show of the tour, and we're planning on going out with a bang. So if you've seen us on tour this month, and have friends in or around LDN, drop them a message and get them to come and say hello! Tickets are still available here:

Sooo... We've got a few days to chill out before we head back on the road on Thursday (Manchester, Dry Bar). Check the Gigs page to see all the latest dates... And we'll catch up with you all soon!

Lots of Love,

Mike x