Ad's first blog!...

[gallery] So...... it's Adam here, posting my first blog on our beautiful new(ish) website.

The first blog I started to write was wishing you all a Merry Christmas, the second began by wishing you all a Happy New Year... I didn't finish and post either of them, so I'm determined to see this one through or it's going to be Easter before I know where I am and I'll be starting all over again!

In Rubynews...

We are now back to work on our album after a little festive break to pop home and see our friends and family, and also play a nice acoustic gig at Highbarn in Essex. It's such an awesome venue and we were made so welcome there the first time we played that we were more than happy to play again for their Christmas show. We met some nice people and had a couple of "Day Afer Boxing Day" drinks... What? You don't celebrate "Day After Boxing Day"???!!! I think some of the guys that were there have also put some video's of the set on youtube so check those out if you weren't able to make the gig!

Speaking of video's... We also had just enough time to squeeze in a little session to record a live acoustic version of one of our brand new songs 'Be Someone Real' which you can check out here... We spent 6 hours, at night on a rooftop in central Brighton, on what must have been one of the coldest day's of the century, and the coldest I've ever been IN MY LIFE!!!

To put it in perspective, the over the top amount of fog and smoke in the video isn't an effect to make it look good... It's our breath! It was worth it though and we are excited to be able to give you guys a sneak preview of one of our newest songs.

You may notice from the above mentioned video that Clark has a lot of facial hair again... I think he's going to start experimenting again after he shaved it all off and ate it before, so watch this space!

Mike is also thinking of growing both of his facial hairs...... so stay tuned for the latest developments on that!

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Hope you are all well, and we'll speak soon!

Huuuge love...

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