Advent - Day 8!

Ahhhhhh 12 minutes before it's too late and it goes into day 9... Boy have I got a treat for you lot today!

We've been hard at work today doing some recording for a secret cover... and we were putting down some vocals at Mike's house... It was a pretty rock and roll kind of day. We had a Terry's Chocolate Orange between us, some Twinings English Breakfast Tea (probably my favourite tea, if you're asking?!), and Mike topped off his turn to do the catering with some awesome Nachos and Sweet Chilli dip!

See I told you it was a rock 'n' roll kind of day... I'm pretty sure The Beatles would share a Chocolate Orange during a hard days recording!

Although I don't think they would be doing a vocal take with THAT in their arms!!!!!!

I believe Clark's exact words were: " I didn't know Paris F*?%!^* Hilton was in the band!!!"

The only difference between Mike and Paris "Talent Vacuum" Hilton is a talent...

and before Mike takes that as a compliment...

His talent is his knack for knocking up a bowl of Nachos!

Until tommorow my friends!


PS I suppose to be fair to Paris, she can knock out a half decent video...