I love South East Asia. Since arriving in February and leaving in late April my two month stint in 'Nam somehow magnetised me to this part of the world (you weren't there man!!) and every time I've looked at a map - on paper or on google - since, I've instantly scrolled, rolled or dragged my attention to that tropical side of the green-blue rock.

When we got told earlier on in the year that we will be doing a few giggity gigs in Oz I instantly thought about how I could tie in some Asia time. Well, you gotta think to create things so naturally a gig got booked in Singapore to "help the jet lag" before Oz.

It's been 2 weeks since leaving the UK on this trip and I'm still Jet lagged, the 2 pit stops (sleeps/power naps/naps/snoozes) a day method is well annoying but does make me feel like I've been here for twice as long!

Oz is great! The food is lush, the people are crazy, the weather is perfect, the sea is stunning and not one glimpse of any sort of arachnid or evolved quadriplegic reptile yet! The Ozzies have swearing down to a true art form! We've been told to "go on the piss"... But I think this was meant as an insult. The BEST curse word included sentence I've had the pleasure of hearing so far was from Ian James (Mushroom Records) who is our Publisher out in Australia. I'll set the scene...

First gig in Australia... Actually the first gig in the southern hemisphere, a lovely little venue on Murray St, Perth full of muso's, Industry peeps, general music fans and of course super Ruby fans. We walk out from our basement dressing room up to the venue level, bass and bottle of Tiger beer in hand, fingers all warmed up, mind focused and adrenaline running. My body is ready to play 30mins of Rubylux tunes to the waiting spectators who include people that can help shape our Future. I step up next to the monitor Desk and Ian is there smiling like a proud Dad at sports day when his son has just one the egg and spoon race by the length of a Kangaroos attention span (I'm not sure how long that is... This Kanga has ADHD) Ian puts his heavy Ozzie hand on my shoulder and yells in his unique accent these words of encouraged mention... "DON'T FUCK THIS UP". Brilliant. Ha! Now I'm giggling walking up onto our exhibition platform.

Needless to say the gig went Awesome and I've been on a high since.

Anyway, Oz is awesome and we've secured 2 more gigs (and more to come!!!) in SE Asia in November!!! Wooo more Asia!!!

Anyway, we is off out now to listen to Raghu! He is laike wewwww good!

Looking forward to seeing all your faces at our Brighton gig on the 17th Dec!

Clarky Boy