Back in Brighton! - Here's some Waffle

After a long stretch back in my motherland (Wales, Cymru, Pays Des Galles, God's Country, Land of the Jumping cars, Where they mine Pot Noodles) I'm back in Brighton!!! Equipped with my moon boot and dual crutch weapons I'm back in the Rubylux machine and are on the roll again! AUSTRALIA NEXT WEEK!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Slightly Excited.

Stopping off in Singapore on the way too, good to squeeze another country in when you go somewhere new innit!

Anyway, just a hey! to say Hello and that I'm back and the slight limp I'll have for the next few weeks might slow me down, but slow and steady makes perfect scrambled eggs right?

We've just come off Ustream and had a lovely time chatting to everyone who tuned in, we promise to do more to keep you lot up to date with 'Live' video chats! here's our Channel for future use...

Here's a video from before I broke my heel and was in top form!

Catch you later aligator! Or as the say in Australia... Catch you later!