Backstage at RockNess

(to be read like a story an infant would write) I am Clark, I am a musician.

When I went to Scotland to play music with my frendz ina big feeld by a laike, which sum peeple sai haz a big MONSTA IN IT!! She is called Nessie

We were eatin food backstaige and we bumped into other music peeple and thei liked our faces and songz so we had picturz taken with them.

Hier iz us and Fatboy Slim with a man called An Example. FatExamp

Here iz us and Newton Faulkner, he has a funi face feature like me Newton

Here is Rocky Morris of Monsta putting a teabag in mai mouth, it was tingley Rocky

Here is us and Fatboy when we asked An Example to leave us alone to talk all things Brighton. RubyFact:- Rob taught Norman and Zoe how to Roller Blade. FatBoi

That was my holiday to Scotland. It was nice.