Blog O' Clock...

So, we're now back in the UK after another stint in Asia, and our very first time in the beautiful land of Australia. It's 9pm now, and once again I'm ready for bed… The jet lag has hit us all pretty hard this time. Last night I crashed before the second half of the football had even started!!! It really is soooo worth it though…we've got a real taste for Asia now, and we're really excited as it now looks like we are heading back in a few weeks for more shows and festivals! Woop!

We also had a great time in Australia, met some amazing people and had some awesome gigs in Perth and Melbourne…Thanks to everyone that came from far and wide to come see us…you know who you are. Australia is one craaaazy big country, where it can take 4-5 hours flying to go from one city to another… so that people made such an effort to see us means so much! Check out this little guy… Hamish! Mike is teaching him the drum part to The Boy Could Fly. Just another few songs to go and our new drummer should be ready! DON'T TELL MIKE!

We are obviously enjoying spending some of our time abroad but it's always good to be on home soil and doing shows here aswel… It doesn't take long for us to all start missing the UK when we are away so we are really looking forward to our 2nd big gig of the year in our home town of Brighton! The Concorde 2 is such a great venue to play and it's so cool that we can now headline our own gigs there… Tickets are available HERE!

In other news, my Ellie Goulding obsession doesn't seem to be fading, and I'm on my second time round on her album tonight…how long do these phases take to pass?

Oh everybody's starry eyed!

Nighty night!



PS... Here we are in Oz, all dealing with the jet lag in our own way:

Rob: Yoga positions Lag!

Clark: Rockstar cliche Lag!

Ad: Bored 'cos everyone else is asleep, so take a picture of yourself Lag!

Mike: Blowing off is easier like this Lag!