Biiig ol' gig next week on Wedndesday at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London! The "Ruby-Bus" as it has affectionately become known is now full up and will be ferrying people from sunny Brighton to to smoky London to come and see the show... you can still get your hands on a few tickets for the gig by checking out the*Facebook Event Here*

If you missed out on the Ruby-Bus, why not give the beautiful Southern Trains a chance...They do everything you would expect a train to do! Get you from A to B via some other obscure stations, provide a trolley of overpriced food and luke warm beverages that barely fits through the carriage, a grumpy man will check your ticket using as few words as possible, mainly grunts...and also be sure to sit as near to the toilet as possible and inhale the smell of urine so you get the complete experience!

BUT, seeing our show will make it all worth it won't it?! Come and see the band some girly type magazines are currently calling "Seriously really cool"...

In other news, we have just made our full ALBUM ARTWORK available for download. So if you have already bought the album off iTunes, you can now have the lovely PDF artwork to go along with it! If you haven't yet downloaded the album, head on over to iTunes, buy it, then download the fantabulous artwork HERE!

Fake Control Album Artwork

The 'Live at the Old Market' DVD is being finished off at the moment, so everyone who has pre ordered should be expecting their copies in the post, and again, if you've yet to check out the preview, check this out...

Head over to to pre-order your copy NOW!

For VIP members, login to the website to order your merch at a 30% discount. If you are not already a member, but interested in joining, head over to

Last ,but by no means least, we will be starting our street gig tour of the WORLD, (well, the south coast to start with) On 24th July (Saturday). For a list of all of the dates, check out the Gigs page over at, or for the latest updates from the road, always check our twitter!

In a While Crocodile(s)...