Blonde, blot, blow, Kazoo, block, BLOG!

Sorry about the typo's, I started writing this on my iPhone! Anyone else find them difficult to type on, and the auto correct REALLY annoying? Well, it's been a little while since I blogged so I thought I'd better get in and do one before the boys tell me off!

So here it is, a blog with no particular theme, but it's a blog nonetheless and will add a "blog point" to my tally.

Let me tell you some things:

1. OUR TOUR BEGINS ON TUESDAY! We've been rehearsing and preparing this week to make sure we're in tip top form for what is really our first "real" tour of the UK! Please check out the dates on the gigs page and come see us!

2. We've been doing a bit of recording this week as well... just a bit, just in our bedrooms, on the sly, demo's you might call them. We've got LOADS of new songs stockpiled, Rob's prolific songwriting just doesn't stop, and we are all itching to make another record, (Clark is also itching for other unrelated reasons) but it seems FAKE CONTROL has got a lot more legs in her yet and is still taking us all over the world which is amazing, but don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from! We've also been doing a bit of work on a cover we've been asked to do, which is starting to sound damn fine, we'll keep you posted!

3. I walked to Mike's house from my house this week and met a dog called Rosie. We got on really well and are gonna try and catch up again! It's early days for us, and we need to get to know each other properly, but it's promising. Fingers crossed!

4. A seagull got stuck on my balcony on Tuesday... it had a hurt wing. It turns out I'm birdaphobic (There's a proper word for that right?), so before anyone else feels they need to tell you... My Mum had to come round and pick it up for me! I just couldn't OK?! I don't trust them!

5. Thanks for reading my blog, please call in again, it's been a pleasure!