BMG/Concorde2 Date

To all our lovely Friends! We are delighted to let you all know that yesterday, we signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with BMG! It seems that every day something new and exciting happens for us, and its amazing! We had so many nice comments and messages through Facebook and Twitter, sorry we haven't replied to all of them, but we do appreciate them! Its yet another fantastic opportunity that we've been given, and we intend to make the most of it!  (a press release will shortly be sent out to press?!) But we're really pleased to be working with such a great company!

After a rather large night of celebration in London (and far too much champagne!), we're back to business today, and are pleased to announce Our next big BRIGHTON show!

It will will be 17th December at the Concorde 2. Its our own headline night and tickets will be on pre-sale to all VIP members after 6pm tonight! (Just log into the site on the left, and you should see a buy now button!) General release date for everyone else will be announced next week. The last gig we did sold out before the posters went up so make sure you get tickets as quick as you can! Its gonna be a big ol' Xmas extravaganza, and we can't wait.

Once again, a big thank you! This time next week we'll be landing in Singapore! Jeez, what a boring life we lead!

Lots of Love,

The Boys XXX

p.s. thanks to all the guys who joined us on our live broadcast on Ustream the other day! It was fun, and we'll try and squeeze another one in next week!