Busy and Excited!!

Helllllooo!!!! Finally had some time to get a decent internet connection and slap down a few words!

How's things? you well? did you get that goldfish in the end?

I was at one of those 24 hour Wicker places last night and realised how happy I am at the moment and I'm as busy as I am happy... that's a lot! We've been jumping up and down to London, Essex, Cambridge, South Wales literally only stopping to sleep or catching a few hours of shut eye in the Ruby-bus that has been driven all those miles by our close friend and 35th rank Sgt Major Legend Craig "Craiylux" Hunt. Seriously if it wasn't for Craig the last few weeks would've been HARD WORK! He's got us to all our destinations on-time and on-form, so I guess we now officially have a Tour Manager! woo!

Things have been exciting outside of the UK too, we've had loads of Radio plays in the US of A, mainland Europe, Australia, Asia, basically every continent... maybe not Antarctica... but soon!

We've had loads of interest in these areas too and loads of plans are being made and as soon as things are confirmed we'll let you all know... maybe after we all find our Passports!

Well, I'll try not to go on for much longer as I'm feeling my eyes giving up on me and I'm really terrible at this whole typing thing!

I did have a list of things to mention... but I ran out of toilet paper...

New Merch available!! and for all of our Gold Star Ruby VIP Club Members we now have all the new merch with your lovely 30% discount available in the Members erm... lounge?

The Live DVD is looking awesome and we can't wait to have it finished up and get it out to your hands, eyes and ears! Thanks to everyone who came to the Old Market, listening to the cheers and people singing along was sending shivers down my spine... Love you guys!

Right I stole my friend's glasses to take a pic (do they suit me?), I had time to shave today too!! everyone who I've seen recently thought I was homeless... thanks for the free sandwiches by the way!

Peace and Love!! More Fanmail! {[;~)