Camden Rocks...


... and it most certainly does! It was either... Mildred's, Bettie's, Beatrix, Joan, or Nora's... whatever the name of the venue, it was definitely the smallest stage we have ever played on. Everyone of us was within a Hi-Five distance from each other, there wasn't enough room to sweat!

But the jam packed (Insert correct venue name here) crowd more than made up for the lack of perspiration on stage.

With no sound check, dodgy monitor mix, and all amps turned up to the obligatory '11' the place would have been bouncing with dB's alone.

Loud, Proud, Sweaty, and Bouncing. Everything we had expected from our first festival appearance of the year.

A few birthdays's in the Extended Ruby-Family to top off a great gig, Son and Jakey Happy Birthday!

In a bit!