Carfest South!

So that was probably the best gig to date then?! Beating the response we had from Carfest north was no easy task... but somehow, it happened?!

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.33.42

We got a quick pic with Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason! Turns out he heard our set at Carfest North, and South, likes what he hears! I believe Amaze-balls is the correct term?

photo (2)

We even had a little surprise in our set and ended it with our friend Emma Hughes come out and sing one of her favourite songs with us, it was her 2nd gig! Glad to be part of a great memory!

Remember we played at Kendal Calling? Yeah, Well remember we said Seasick Steve saw us play and gave us a shout out? Yeah, well we got to have a good old chat with him this time around. He popped his head into our trailer and with no accent barriers to break down, between us all we all talked about how we got here... Us in Blossom... Steve in a helicopter sent by Chris Evans 26 minutes after Steve got home. Yeah, he wins! Here's a pic of him from the bee-hind!

photo (3)

We bumped into the chaps from Keane before they did their thing on stage, nice guys! But to top it all off, Chris Evans invited us all back to the Glamp Site and we jammed a few songs with Seasick Steve around the camp fire with marshmallows and enough moonshine for everyone! I WEAR MY SOCKS UP TO MY KNEES.

What. A. Night.