BBC Radio 2 A-LIST… WEEK 2!!!

We've just had the great news today that BBC Radio 2 have kept us on their A-list for a second week! It's HUUUUUGE for us, let me explain why…

We're now in what music industry people relentlessly describe as "Quarter 4"… the time of year when all the worlds' biggest acts compete with each each other to sell as many records as they can over the festive period. So a massive amount of songs by some very very big artists are being pushed out to radio stations from all the big record companies right now, and for Radio 2 (the most listened to radio station in the UK!) to keep the faith with our song is absolutely incredible, and a real show of their faith in us as an "Independent" band!

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 19.37.50


And to give you an idea, here's the B…

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 20.12.58


and the C list:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 20.13.36


It's an absolute honour and we're truly thankful to the guys at Radio 2 for giving us such great early support for our new album… "The World Goes Quiet" OUT NOW! Order it HERE!!! ;-) Interview…

We did an interesting interview with Rob Sheppard for… We like him… He asked slightly unusual questions… and he has got a lovely head of that ginger hair you get sometimes on people… Click on the Monkey to have a read:

iMediaMonkey Interview





It's finally here guys!!! 'The World Goes Quiet' is our first majorly distributed studio album and we couldn't be more excited for you to hear what we've been working on!!!

You can download it at iTunes and Amazon of course… You can also get CD copies from Amazon and HMV!  


'I Don't Want Paradise' added to BBC Radio 2 PLAYLIST!!!

It's been a crazy exciting week here at Ruby-HQ, with the legendary Chris Evans playing 'I Don't Want Paradise' on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and then finding out that we have now actually been added to the Radio 2 PLAYLIST!!! It's great to be getting so much support from everyone there and we're so happy that from Monday coming our song will be getting a regular airing on the most listened to radio station in the UK!  Not bad for "street gig-gers" hey?!

Just 10 days until #THEWORLDGOESQUIET…  Order your CD from Amazon or pre-order your download from iTunes… It's nice to have a CD though innit?!

Stay tuned!


Chris Evans' Breakfast Show - BBC Radio 2!!!

We woke up to mega excitement today as our new buddy Sir Chris Evans came good on his promise he'd made to us and 30 thousand witnesses on stage at CarFest North to play our song on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show… He says some nice things about us too so we thought we'd share it with you!


 Or click the logo below and go to 1:07.00 to hear the whole thing!

BBC Radio 2


I Don't Want Paradise - Acoustic Session Here is a little acoustic session we filmed a few weeks back. The album is out in less than 3 weeks, and this is one of my favourites from it. Share it on FB and Twitter!


Abbey Road


This week, we fulfilled a big dream of ours... We got to visit Abbey Road studios. We were there working on a new mix of our next single "I Don't Want Paradise", which is sounding awesome (even if we do say so ourselves!).

We were in the famous Studio 2, probably the most famous studio in the world, where the Beatles recorded nearly all of their albums and singles. If you've been to any of our gigs, you'll know we often like to tip our musical hats to the Beatles, so this really was a special moment for us!

After the session, we couldn't resist doing the whole tourist thing, and re-enacting THAT album cover!

We're off to the Lake District tomorrow to play at Kendal Calling, the line up is incredible, and we can't wait to catch some of the other bands, and rock out our set! (Calling out stage - Sunday 28/07. 1.30pm!)

Mike x

Life in the Van


Currently sat in the van, on the way to somewhere! I find its more exiting to not ask where we are going, just see where we end up! Just thought i'd post up a few pics from last week. I'm trying to put together a little video diary too, but trying to sift through all the waffle is proving quite difficult!

New Music Video

Hi Guys, After an amazing sold out, album preview show last night in Brighton, we’re pleased to announce our new video for the first single ‘The World Goes Quiet’!

Please share the video far and wide with as many people as you can by posting it to FB and twitter!!

Much love and hope to see you all soon,

Rubylux Rob, Ad, Mike and Clark.