July Jumble!

Well folks, as we enter July, we've decided to shake things up a bit for the summer! We've got some serious merch maddness for you! First off...

1. All T-Shirts in the merch store are now discounted down to just £5 from NOW and during the whole of July!!!!

2. Our 'Live at the Old Market' DVD Extravaganza is now discounted to just £5 from NOW and during the whole of July!!!

3. ANY purchase in the merch store from NOW and throughout July, will AUTOMATICALLY enter you in to a Prize draw to beat all prize draws!

The winner will receive 2 FREE Backstage passes to our October 15th Concorde 2 show in Brighton! AND... As we don't want to exclude our international fans, if you are unable to make the gig, we will set up an exclusive, personal SKYPE GIG Just for you! (We'll sort out a time and a date that is good for you!)

In addition to this, we'll also send the winner (and 4 runners-up) a selection of Rubylux goodies!

To get your juices flowing, check out this stunning model, displaying the lovely T-Shirt that is now just £5 in the store!!

Winners to the competition will be announced at the end of July. You will be entered every time you purchase a product from the merch store, and can enter as many times as you like! Help spread the word to all your twitter/facebook friends!

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to you all! Our New Years resolution, is to blog more, and put actual information in it... and not a load of rambling... or stuff that doesn't make sense... or pictures of Banana's we've drawn on... actual real stuff that people care about!

New Year, New Start... So here's some information...

Actual information number 1: We will have a big announcement to, er, announce...and it's coming this week!

Actual information number 2: You can now buy a physical copy of our album, through this very website... it's beautiful! Go to the merch store to order yours NOW!

Actual information number 3: Mike's dog won't stop barking and it's causing me to lose track and now it looks like I'm about to descend into talking rubbish again... yep, that's happened now!

So here,

For the last time,

For one night only,

For your enjoyment and mine,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please put your hands together,


It's those Banana's again!

Sit back, and just...unashamedly enjoy looking at a picture of some Banana's...Spooning!

OK, we've missed a couple of days...

You know it, and we know it... But my god, we are gonna smash through the pain barrier, and do this blogvent calendar until Christmas Day! Last night was our Super Massive Christmas Show at the Concorde 2 in our home town of Brighton... and it was SUPER! Thanks to everyone for braving it out in the snow... We still actually can't believe how many of you were there! To everyone that got stuck in the snow traffic etc and didn't make it, we're really sorry you couldn't make it down, but we'll do some UK shows next year where we will give a NO SNOW - GUARANTEE... Or your money back! These gigs will probably be around July time! ;-)

In other BIG news...


They managed to arrive late last night and everyone that came to the after party managed to get one... but everyone that was at the gig...didn't!

Now, we'd love to have guaranteed we would get them to you by Christmas, but that just isn't going to happen in the post, BUT...

If you would like a "Fake Control" CD... and if you are from the Brighton area and order online before the 21st of December, we will have our very own Ruby-Santa (Craigy-lux) going out in his Sleigh (Ford Transit), possibly with his own Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (Bob our manager) and maybe even a selection of the other Reindeer (Rubylux)... and we will get the CD's to you! So order yours in the Merch store... NOW!

If you are anywhere else, sorry we can't guarantee it will be with you by Christmas, but they will make lovely post Christmas presents! ;-)

Picture courtesy of @janetofthebrow



Biiig ol' gig next week on Wedndesday at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London! The "Ruby-Bus" as it has affectionately become known is now full up and will be ferrying people from sunny Brighton to to smoky London to come and see the show... you can still get your hands on a few tickets for the gig by checking out the*Facebook Event Here*

If you missed out on the Ruby-Bus, why not give the beautiful Southern Trains a chance...They do everything you would expect a train to do! Get you from A to B via some other obscure stations, provide a trolley of overpriced food and luke warm beverages that barely fits through the carriage, a grumpy man will check your ticket using as few words as possible, mainly grunts...and also be sure to sit as near to the toilet as possible and inhale the smell of urine so you get the complete experience!

BUT, seeing our show will make it all worth it won't it?! Come and see the band some girly type magazines are currently calling "Seriously really cool"... http://alturl.com/8g4xg

In other news, we have just made our full ALBUM ARTWORK available for download. So if you have already bought the album off iTunes, you can now have the lovely PDF artwork to go along with it! If you haven't yet downloaded the album, head on over to iTunes, buy it, then download the fantabulous artwork HERE!

Fake Control Album Artwork

The 'Live at the Old Market' DVD is being finished off at the moment, so everyone who has pre ordered should be expecting their copies in the post, and again, if you've yet to check out the preview, check this out...

Head over to http://merch.rubylux.net to pre-order your copy NOW!

For Rubylux.net VIP members, login to the website to order your merch at a 30% discount. If you are not already a member, but interested in joining, head over to http://rubylux.net/rubylux-net-vip/

Last ,but by no means least, we will be starting our street gig tour of the WORLD, (well, the south coast to start with) On 24th July (Saturday). For a list of all of the dates, check out the Gigs page over at Rubylux.net, or for the latest updates from the road, always check our twitter!

In a While Crocodile(s)...



DVD Pre Order

Well well well, after finally recovering from the show on Friday night, we are pleased to announce that you can now pre-order the DVD through our Merch Store!

Order Today to make sure you are one of the first to get your hands on it. It is going to look incredible, and we can't wait!

We will keep you posted about a release date through here, and you will get an email with more details as we get them.

Once again, a Mahoooosive thank you to everyone who made the gig such an amazing night, we hope you spot yourselves on the DVD!

We're off to film the Music Video for our first single "The Boy Could Fly" next week, which is rather exciting. AND the album will be available digitally from the 6th June!! (Next Sunday!)

Our next show is the 14th June at the Borderline - London, as part of the MUSEXPO event. See you there!

Right, back to work...

Christmas Merch

Hey guys,

We've been a bit quiet over the last week or so, things are getting really "vibey" in the studio! Lots of early mornings and late nights...

Christmas is just around the corner, and if your looking for Christmas presents, WELL, we’ve got LOADS of them!

Present No. 1!

Free postage and packaging on all UK Orders from the merch store until the end of the year!

Present No.2!

Also, as our Christmas present to you, we have reduced the price of ALL Tshirts to just £7. AND for every t shirt ordered, we will GIFT you a FREE ep 2 in order for you to give to a friend for Christmas, spread some Ruby love!

Present No. 3!

The best gift of all this Christmas, a membership to the RUBYLUX.NET VIP CLUB! This is an exclusive club especially for Fans of Rubylux bringing you a whole raft of exclusive member benefits and unprecedented access to your favourite band!