What a weekend!

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SLIDE THROUGH THE PICS ABOVE :) Is it Tuesday already?!... forgive us musicians, we rarely get that 'Monday' feeling ;)

So the weekend had us playing at Lodestar Festival, Cambridge, where we caught up with our BBC Radio Cambridge soul-sister Sue Marchant, and played to one of the smiliest crowds we've seen all summer! Maybe because they'd all seen us on the bumper cars earlier... and the big inflatable slide... and the 'beat the goalie' corner... it's good to release your inner child now and again!

After one of the best 'All you can eat'-s I've personally had, we hit the hay for an early get up and go for the Big Feastival the next day. Turns out Alex James' house comes with loads of parking!

We filled our day and bellies with tasters, free scotch, foodie things, coconut water and alcoholic cloudy lemonade and slapped out probably our last festival set of the year :( But it ended well as we were invited back to an after party with our mates The Feeling, (our mate who stars in a film we have music on) Jason Flemyng, Mark Owen from 'Took This' and he's big, he's Red (used to be... now red and white) his feet stick out the bed, Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch! I can't remember the last time us lot were together in the same place!

Roll on next year... Bigger... Better... BRING IT!!

Clark - Festival Fool


Abbey Road


This week, we fulfilled a big dream of ours... We got to visit Abbey Road studios. We were there working on a new mix of our next single "I Don't Want Paradise", which is sounding awesome (even if we do say so ourselves!).

We were in the famous Studio 2, probably the most famous studio in the world, where the Beatles recorded nearly all of their albums and singles. If you've been to any of our gigs, you'll know we often like to tip our musical hats to the Beatles, so this really was a special moment for us!

After the session, we couldn't resist doing the whole tourist thing, and re-enacting THAT album cover!

We're off to the Lake District tomorrow to play at Kendal Calling, the line up is incredible, and we can't wait to catch some of the other bands, and rock out our set! (Calling out stage - Sunday 28/07. 1.30pm!)

Mike x

taste festival

Now this is my kind of festival... FOOD! DRINK! MUSIC! GREAT FOOD! DRINK! MUSIC! BETTER FOOD! The 4 of us are currently nursing food babies from stuffing our faces at the London Taste Festival at Regents Park.

Mike got to pour Larger in 3 different varieties of presentation... "Milk" was questionable, but apparently it's a thing in Czechoslovakia?

Seriously though... what a great festival, if you like your food... you get to eat at Le Gavroche, Savoy, The Cinnamon Club... all within a few 100 feet of each other, passing a few freebies of Old Amsterdam (what a fine Gouda) cubes of gold, a couple of shots of Singleton Whiskey (that goes well with some type of chocolate??...) some more cheese, Olives that fall apart in your mouth etc !DRIBBLE!

Here are some picture highlights...

Oli Farrar (personal fave from MasterChef: The Professionals '11) This guy has skills! Oli Farrar

And Michel Roux Jnr... LEDGE! Mimi

I'm off to make some beans on toast now... might even pop some milk in the beans from all the festivals inspiration...

Clark - Chef de cuisine


Backstage at RockNess

(to be read like a story an infant would write) I am Clark, I am a musician.

When I went to Scotland to play music with my frendz ina big feeld by a laike, which sum peeple sai haz a big MONSTA IN IT!! She is called Nessie

We were eatin food backstaige and we bumped into other music peeple and thei liked our faces and songz so we had picturz taken with them.

Hier iz us and Fatboy Slim with a man called An Example. FatExamp

Here iz us and Newton Faulkner, he has a funi face feature like me Newton

Here is Rocky Morris of Monsta putting a teabag in mai mouth, it was tingley Rocky

Here is us and Fatboy when we asked An Example to leave us alone to talk all things Brighton. RubyFact:- Rob taught Norman and Zoe how to Roller Blade. FatBoi

That was my holiday to Scotland. It was nice.



O2 Academy Islington

Thanks to everyone that came down to the O2 Academy Islington at the weekend, you lot all looked like you were having a great time and we did too! Thanks for making the eve of our single release one to remember… (Now available to download on iTunes and Amazon!) O2 Academy Islington crowd shot

Thanks to the brilliant Mumiy Troll for having us down and we hope to see you all again soon!






Hi guys, You may have already heard on the ol' Twitter and Facebook etc… but the big news from us right now is:

'What You Need' is to be released as our next single!!!

It's official release will be at midnight on the 9th of October and the EP is available for iTunes Pre-Order NOW!

As you know, we're an independent band and don't have some big record label spending millions of £'s on advertising but we do feel this song can really compete with the big boys… and WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! Every single download will help and the bigger iTunes splash we can make the more chance we have of radio playing us!

Q Radio have already added us to their 'New to Q' playlist, so things have started well… but please Pre-Order the EP on iTunes now to help us make the biggest Rubylux shaped dent we can on the day of release!

Included on the EP is the 'What You Need' (Single Version), a cool Remix by Nate Williams, a brand new acoustic version recorded on our travels in America and an exclusive, previously unheard song called 'Falling For The Siren'!

We've also done a video for What You Need with our very talented buddy Mr. Sam Bond… Check it out HERE!

We're going to do a few select live dates around the country to coincide with the release, so if you can, do get down to see a show near you!

The 2 biggest shows will be October 15th at Concorde2, Brighton AND November 17th at The Borderline, London!

Get your tickets for Brighton HERE!!! And London HERE!!!

Thanks to you guys for helping get us this far… and thanks in advance for downloading the EP and always spreading the word!

Massive amounts of Ruby-Love!

Rob, Clark Mike and Adam


p.s We are playing the main stage at Brighton's 'Shakedown' festival this coming Saturday 17th of September. (With Razorlight, Ed Sheeran, Freemasons… 2 Many DJ's!!!) Pop along if you're in the area!

iPhone on Toast...

'sup y'all! Bit of American I picked up to start the blog for you there…

Hope you're all liking the snazzy new site… Despite my awful miserable-ness in that main photo! Who thought that was a good idea?! I've got that moody sexy thing going on though right?

I've had a weird week… been without my laptop which is a lifestyle change that just feels uncomfortable. I all of a sudden had loads of time on my hands I don't normally have! Couldn't record anything at home (so I didn't see Clark for a few days)… Couldn't get on Facey-B or Twatter and all that lark either. Let's be honest, it just isn't fun to do that on a phone is it?! Speaking of which, I dropped and smashed iPhone number 8 today! What a wally!

iPhones have really got that "Toast always lands butter side down" thing going on haven't they?!

Just had an idea for a toast based app… I'll get back to you on that!


Blog 1 on the new website… DONE!

Good innit?!


Here's a pic I liked (despite me doing my stupid Stevie Wonder head) courtesy of Rachel Stanikk from our recent show at The Brook in Southampton! AMAZING venue!


It's moments like this that keep us going...

It's moments like this that keep us going... The music stops, sweat's dripping down your face, you raise your hands and hundreds of people are singing your song at you. Now, it's known that Ad gets Goosebumps at the slightest hint of euphoria and this was a massive room full of the stuff... We were truly elated at Tuesdays gig in London! Not only was it a week day with many soreheads to battle with the next morning, it was amazing to see the amount of people that had traveled to see us. Thank you. We couldn't do it without you. Our amazing photographer friend- Sam Bond came down to take photos of the gig:

[gallery link="file" columns="5"]

Thanks again for everyone who came. It really was the best way to end the tour. We're now preparing to go to L.A at the end of the month and it looks like we're off to Germany in the summer but don't worry... We're already planning our next UK tour for just after the summer... and you know us... we'll probably pop up in your town centre on a random, sunny afternoon.

Hope to see you all soon. Keep in touch.

Lot of love,

Rob, Ad, Mike, Clark. XXX

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to you all! Our New Years resolution, is to blog more, and put actual information in it... and not a load of rambling... or stuff that doesn't make sense... or pictures of Banana's we've drawn on... actual real stuff that people care about!

New Year, New Start... So here's some information...

Actual information number 1: We will have a big announcement to, er, announce...and it's coming this week!

Actual information number 2: You can now buy a physical copy of our album, through this very website... it's beautiful! Go to the merch store to order yours NOW!

Actual information number 3: Mike's dog won't stop barking and it's causing me to lose track and now it looks like I'm about to descend into talking rubbish again... yep, that's happened now!

So here,

For the last time,

For one night only,

For your enjoyment and mine,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please put your hands together,


It's those Banana's again!

Sit back, and just...unashamedly enjoy looking at a picture of some Banana's...Spooning!


Hey Guys, Its fallen on me to write todays xmas b-log-roll, haha, get it?

Clark and Ad have pretty much "hogged the blog" for the last 2 weeks, so its my time to share something on the blogvent calendar. I feel like I should write a big old re-cap of the year, but i'm going to pace myself and save that for the new year!

I'm currently back at my family home in Wales (yeah, thats right, Clark isn't the only Welsh one in the band, contrary to popular belief). Its seriouly snowy up here, and haven't left the house for 2 days... Eaten my way though a massive box of Marks and Spencer chocolate truffles though, so every cloud... (They are amazing).

RIGHT, my gift for today is a few pictures from our Concorde show last week. They we're taken by @sambphoto. Enjoy!

AAAND, If you're still struggling to think of xmas pressies, buy our album! (Ok, so they won't get delivered til after xmas, BUT it will be worth the wait!) They got delivered last week, after the gig, and they look amazing! I haven't even got a copy myself yet, and they are flying out of the merch store like hot cakes, so get one NOW!!!!!)

Merry Xmas! x Mike

P.s. As my quest to get more twitter followers than Ad continues, FOLLOW ME!! @mikerubylux!

Advent - Day 8!

Ahhhhhh 12 minutes before it's too late and it goes into day 9... Boy have I got a treat for you lot today!

We've been hard at work today doing some recording for a secret cover... and we were putting down some vocals at Mike's house... It was a pretty rock and roll kind of day. We had a Terry's Chocolate Orange between us, some Twinings English Breakfast Tea (probably my favourite tea, if you're asking?!), and Mike topped off his turn to do the catering with some awesome Nachos and Sweet Chilli dip!

See I told you it was a rock 'n' roll kind of day... I'm pretty sure The Beatles would share a Chocolate Orange during a hard days recording!

Although I don't think they would be doing a vocal take with THAT in their arms!!!!!!

I believe Clark's exact words were: " I didn't know Paris F*?%!^* Hilton was in the band!!!"

The only difference between Mike and Paris "Talent Vacuum" Hilton is a talent...

and before Mike takes that as a compliment...

His talent is his knack for knocking up a bowl of Nachos!

Until tommorow my friends!


PS I suppose to be fair to Paris, she can knock out a half decent video...