Graham Norton…


So this time last week Sir Graham Norton played our song ‘Red Moon Falls’ on his BBC Radio 2 show… which is lovely. It has also been pointed out by numerous people that Graham had a little chat about us after our song. Graham was particularly complimentary about how handsome SOME members of the band are, but how “achievable” other members are.  So we feel that now is the time to address this point, and to help Graham and all of you guys to understand our very unique look… Now as most of you will know, ALL UK BANDS for the last 15 years, without exception have been put together by Louis Walsh at the Bootcamp stage of TV show ‘The X Factor’… We were of course, no different. It’s just how it’s done now! (Ask Snow Patrol if you don’t believe me!!!)

Usually, Louis will pick 4 or 5 of the best looking singers and bundle them together in a cynical attempt to win votes from the Great British public… but with us, Louis decided to experiment a little and deviate from his usual formula.  Having discovered the obvious model good looks of our very own Rob and Clark, Louis felt the best way to display their innate beauty would be to drape them against a rather more plain backdrop. In fact, his exact words were…

“Find me an ‘effin drummer who looks like a Muppet that Jim Henson didn’t finish, put in his woodworm riddled shed and forgot about for a decade!”


“A keyboard player who looks like he could have been good looking, but then didn’t step off the escalator at the end, got pulled in and squashed down to half his original height. BUT he was left with the genitals of a much taller man so in a way he is still happy!”  (What? I’m writing the blog!!!)

So… Mike and I were discovered and Rubylux was formed!  It’s an unusual set-up, but it works for us. After that strange start where we had to battle with being only half as good looking as some of the other bands that Louis creates, we are really happy to now be hearing our songs on radio stations all over the UK and in a way, we ourselves have even forgotten just HOW ugly we are… so it took Graham to mention it for us to remember our past and pluck up the courage to let you in to our little secret!

Love as always X PS some events in this blog are likely to have been fabricated for your entertainment!!!  Except that bit about why Ad is a bit short etc…

BBC Radio 2 A-LIST… WEEK 2!!!

We've just had the great news today that BBC Radio 2 have kept us on their A-list for a second week! It's HUUUUUGE for us, let me explain why…

We're now in what music industry people relentlessly describe as "Quarter 4"… the time of year when all the worlds' biggest acts compete with each each other to sell as many records as they can over the festive period. So a massive amount of songs by some very very big artists are being pushed out to radio stations from all the big record companies right now, and for Radio 2 (the most listened to radio station in the UK!) to keep the faith with our song is absolutely incredible, and a real show of their faith in us as an "Independent" band!

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 19.37.50


And to give you an idea, here's the B…

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 20.12.58


and the C list:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 20.13.36


It's an absolute honour and we're truly thankful to the guys at Radio 2 for giving us such great early support for our new album… "The World Goes Quiet" OUT NOW! Order it HERE!!! ;-)

Spacehog and Rubylux @ 100 Club, London… TUESDAY OCT 8TH!

Hey guys, We're very excited to have been invited along to support the brilliant SPACEHOG on the London leg of their first UK tour in 15 YEARS!!!  

Tuesday, October the 18th at the prestigious 100 Club on Oxford St. London.

Tickets available HERE!  

If you can't get down to this one, stay tuned for some more exciting gig announcements over the next week… and keep listening out on BBC Radio 2 for 'I Don't Want Paradise' which we are delighted to say has just been added to their A-LIST!!!





BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show - LIVE SESSION!


We're very excited to have been invited on to Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show on FRIDAY MORNING to play a couple of live tracks and have a chat!!! You can listen in LIVE at 88-91FM in the UK, Freeview Channel 702 or at the Radio 2 website!  

'I Don't Want Paradise' added to BBC Radio 2 PLAYLIST!!!

It's been a crazy exciting week here at Ruby-HQ, with the legendary Chris Evans playing 'I Don't Want Paradise' on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and then finding out that we have now actually been added to the Radio 2 PLAYLIST!!! It's great to be getting so much support from everyone there and we're so happy that from Monday coming our song will be getting a regular airing on the most listened to radio station in the UK!  Not bad for "street gig-gers" hey?!

Just 10 days until #THEWORLDGOESQUIET…  Order your CD from Amazon or pre-order your download from iTunes… It's nice to have a CD though innit?!

Stay tuned!


Chris Evans' Breakfast Show - BBC Radio 2!!!

We woke up to mega excitement today as our new buddy Sir Chris Evans came good on his promise he'd made to us and 30 thousand witnesses on stage at CarFest North to play our song on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show… He says some nice things about us too so we thought we'd share it with you!


 Or click the logo below and go to 1:07.00 to hear the whole thing!

BBC Radio 2


Radio 2… Chris Evans… CARFEST!!!


We're very excited to announce that we have just been added to the line-up for Chris Evans' (BBC Radio 2) 'CARFEST'! We'll be at both the North (Sat August the 3rd) AND South (Saturday August the 25th) sites… and we're very much looking forward to them!  You can find out about both the festivals HERE …  But let's just say there are some pretty legendary acts playing as well! (Ocean Colour Scene, Jools Holland, The Feeling, Reef…)  

Pudsey Bear is also rumoured to make an appearance as well, as the festivals are raising money for Children In Need!   



Life in the Van


Currently sat in the van, on the way to somewhere! I find its more exiting to not ask where we are going, just see where we end up! Just thought i'd post up a few pics from last week. I'm trying to put together a little video diary too, but trying to sift through all the waffle is proving quite difficult!

Radio Tour… 1st Leg!

Starting on this coming Monday (22/4/2013) we're packing up the van and getting around the UK to start promoting our single 'The World Goes Quiet'! This will no doubt involve some street gigs, but we can never guarantee where and when as you all know what the weather is like over here… What it will DEFINITELY involve is plenty of radio stations . So we thought we'd let you know where and when so that you can come down and hang out before and after our interviews and sessions with us?!

Mon April 22 @ 2:00pm Student Radio Network session Address: The Studio, Glutton Bridge, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 OEN:

Tue April 23 @ 10:15am Imagine FM Stockport Address: Waterloo Place, Watson Sq, Stockport SK1 3AZ 4:30pm Real Radio Salford Address: Laser House, Waterfront Quay,Salford Quays M50 3XW

Wed April 24 @ 9:00am Yorkshire Radio (Outside broadcast from Leeds United Football Club) Address: Elland Rd Leeds LS11 0ES

2:00pm: Lincs FM Address: Witham Park Waterside South Lincoln LN5 7JN

Thu April 25 @ 3:30pm Metro FM Address: 55 Degrees North, Pilgrim St, Newcastle NE1 6BF

Fri April 26 @ 9:30pm BBC Radio Manchester Addres:QUAY HOUSE / MEDIA CITY, SALFORD, MANCHESTER M50 2QH

Anyway, this is where we'll be and when for the first week of the tour… We'll keep you posted on the second leg starting April 29th too!

Regional Radio Tour… Imminent…

Had the very cool news today that we'll finally be hitting the road again on April 23rd… For our first, full REGIONAL RADIO TOUR! Over 2 weeks on the road in as many towns and cities of the UK as we can fit in… visiting all the radio stations we can… with maybe a few naughty street gigs on the way… We can't wait!

We should know the full route by Friday, so we'll let you know where we are going to be and when… It would be great to meet some of you all in person!!!

Get thinking of where you think would be good/weird for a FULL, unexpected band gig and we'll see what we can do… If any of you have any "ins" with the local police/councils and can keep them off our backs when we do it that would be good too! :-)

We seem to have gained the tag "Kings Of Guerrilla Gigs" now, so we may as well live up to it!

Watch this space!

Tune in for tomorrow's episode, working title "About Time We Washed The Van Then…"

BBC London!

A quick bit of news… Tonight (26th of March) we will be LIVE on BBC London with Simon Lederman at 10:30pm GMT.

It's our first bit of early promotion for the single 'The World Goes Quiet' which you've probably all heard by now, and we're very honoured that Simon has brought us on to the show so soon! We'll be chatting and doing a little acoustic session too…

You can hear the show live HERE!


'What You Need' available at iTunes NOW!

What You Need

Ladies and Gentlemen, Our 'What You Need' EP will be available in the UK iTunes Store from Midnight GMT... and it is already available in other parts of the world NOW!

We'd really appreciate it if you were to go and purchase the EP for just £1.29 HERE!!!

To celebrate this exciting-ness we're going to get together tonight and do a little bit of Ustream-ing! We'll give you some exclusive previews of the new songs we've recorded for the next album ahead of next week's Concorde2 show (Tickets available HERE) and let's have a little chat as well yeah?!

Click HERE at 8pm GMT to come over to Ustream!

But most of all get on over to your iTunes and pop our name in the search and buy that EP!

This is how we expect the iTunes chart to look tonight 1. Rubylux 2. Matt Cardle 3. etc...etc And if it doesn't we'll be holding you lot personally responsible!

Seriously though... if everyone downloads, we may just be in with a chance of it charting a little bit! Which would excite us... and when we're excited ANYTHING can happen!

Thanks guys!

Massive Love!!!

Rob, Mike, Clark and Adam X X X X

Radio 2-tastic...

Hi guys! Quick update for y'all... Since we last blogged BBC Radio 2 here in the UK have taken a real liking to us! Which is pretty brilliant, them being the most listened to station in the country and that!

We've had a load of various plays on Radio 2, but excitingly 'What You Need' was played on the Breakfast Show last week by our good ol' buddy Richard Madeley!

And as Vanessa got her face on here the last week for playing us... Here's Rich, with his good wife Judy.

Our next single "What You Need" is being released on October 9th... And is available for Pre-Order NOW!! :) And we REALLY REALLY need your help!

We're an independent band, all the stuff you see going on with us is because we make it happen. There's no big record label... No guru telling us what to do and when to do it. No "Simon Cowell" wiping our bum! (What a terrible image!)

If all you guys can download 'What You Need' as a pre-order right now, when the song is released all of those orders will go through at the same time and give us a real massive chance of getting in the iTunes Chart and giving the likes of Matt Cardle (who's song comes out on the same day) a run for his money!

We're realistic, we won't hit No.1... We'll settle for No. 2 at this stage! But to get up there would really help spread the word about us that little bit more!

Here's the link to buy it from ->

£1.29 for 4 songs!! That's 32.25p a track!! We'll give you the money back when we see you if you don't like it, yeah?!

Here's the video for it ->

Thanks to all of you for your support again!

Rob, Clark, Mike and Adam X X X X

"What You Need" - is us on the radio!


Happy Friday people! Not only is the sun shining but we woke up to find that Vanessa Feltz played us this morning on Radio 2! What a lovely woman! Here's a pic of her because I want her smiling face looking at me whilst I write the rest of this blog! You may have noticed from our tweets, etc, that we've been getting lots of plays recently across the UK but you probably don't know how it really works... So I'll tell you!

We work with a lovely man called Joe Mallot who takes our CD "What You Need" to ALL the cool radio stations. The producers/presenters will then decide whether to play it or not... BUT.... IT'S ALL DOWN TO YOU!... THE PEOPLE! Our CD is sitting on almost every radio station desk (including all the local radio stations) and if they get a text or a tweet asking them to play it, all they have to do is shove the CD in the system and we're singing! It's power to the people maaan! They love hearing from fans and about new music coming through, and we love being played on the radio so it's win-win!

We're extremely grateful to everyone who is already emailing, tweeting, and texting their favourite radio shows. If we get enough support from radio, it may just be enough to launch Rubylux into the stratosphere. We can't do it without you and we need you now more than ever! Let's do it!!!

Presenters that have supported our single so far at Radio2 are Dermot O'leary (playing this weekend), Alex Lester, and Vanessa Feltz. We're also on the "New to Q playlist" at Q radio and have been played by BBC Sussex, Juice FM, Olympic radio, Phoenix FM, Radio West Suffolk, Jack FM, Express Fm, Siar FM, and many more to come as we're just getting started!! ;0)

We're spending today getting ready for Shakedown festival in Brighton tomorrow; sharing the stage with Razorlight, Ed Sheeran, and Example to name but a few. It's gonna be HUGE!! The next few gigs that we're playing are in some great venues with great bands so make sure you catch us and come to say hello! See you soon.

Much love,

Rob. x

17th September-Brighton @ Shakedown Festival

15th October- Brighton @ Concorde 2

20th October-Bristol @ Thunderbolt Tickets on the door-

21st October- Portsmouth (Southsea) @ Cellars

28th October- Bedford @ esquires Tickets on the door-

11th November- Colchester @ Sound house Club night

17th November- London @ The Borderline


Hi guys, You may have already heard on the ol' Twitter and Facebook etc… but the big news from us right now is:

'What You Need' is to be released as our next single!!!

It's official release will be at midnight on the 9th of October and the EP is available for iTunes Pre-Order NOW!

As you know, we're an independent band and don't have some big record label spending millions of £'s on advertising but we do feel this song can really compete with the big boys… and WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! Every single download will help and the bigger iTunes splash we can make the more chance we have of radio playing us!

Q Radio have already added us to their 'New to Q' playlist, so things have started well… but please Pre-Order the EP on iTunes now to help us make the biggest Rubylux shaped dent we can on the day of release!

Included on the EP is the 'What You Need' (Single Version), a cool Remix by Nate Williams, a brand new acoustic version recorded on our travels in America and an exclusive, previously unheard song called 'Falling For The Siren'!

We've also done a video for What You Need with our very talented buddy Mr. Sam Bond… Check it out HERE!

We're going to do a few select live dates around the country to coincide with the release, so if you can, do get down to see a show near you!

The 2 biggest shows will be October 15th at Concorde2, Brighton AND November 17th at The Borderline, London!

Get your tickets for Brighton HERE!!! And London HERE!!!

Thanks to you guys for helping get us this far… and thanks in advance for downloading the EP and always spreading the word!

Massive amounts of Ruby-Love!

Rob, Clark Mike and Adam


p.s We are playing the main stage at Brighton's 'Shakedown' festival this coming Saturday 17th of September. (With Razorlight, Ed Sheeran, Freemasons… 2 Many DJ's!!!) Pop along if you're in the area!