'I Don't Want Paradise' added to BBC Radio 2 PLAYLIST!!!

It's been a crazy exciting week here at Ruby-HQ, with the legendary Chris Evans playing 'I Don't Want Paradise' on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and then finding out that we have now actually been added to the Radio 2 PLAYLIST!!! It's great to be getting so much support from everyone there and we're so happy that from Monday coming our song will be getting a regular airing on the most listened to radio station in the UK!  Not bad for "street gig-gers" hey?!

Just 10 days until #THEWORLDGOESQUIET…  Order your CD from Amazon or pre-order your download from iTunes… It's nice to have a CD though innit?!

Stay tuned!




As a band that started out a few years ago playing loudly and illegally on the streets of our hometown of Brighton we're very, very excited to this year be welcomed on to the UK's "festival scene" and get to play our tunes to a whole new audience! Festivals so far include:

8/6/2013 Rock Ness, Inverness.

28/7/2013 Kendall Calling, Lake District.

31/8/2013 Lodestar, Cambridgeshire.

Keep an eye on rubylux.net for dates added as they are confirmed!



PS Don't forget our single #theworldgoesquiet is available for pre-order NOW… HERE! Out May 26th!

Radio Tour… 1st Leg!

Starting on this coming Monday (22/4/2013) we're packing up the van and getting around the UK to start promoting our single 'The World Goes Quiet'! This will no doubt involve some street gigs, but we can never guarantee where and when as you all know what the weather is like over here… What it will DEFINITELY involve is plenty of radio stations . So we thought we'd let you know where and when so that you can come down and hang out before and after our interviews and sessions with us?!

Mon April 22 @ 2:00pm Student Radio Network session Address: The Studio, Glutton Bridge, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 OEN:

Tue April 23 @ 10:15am Imagine FM Stockport Address: Waterloo Place, Watson Sq, Stockport SK1 3AZ 4:30pm Real Radio Salford Address: Laser House, Waterfront Quay,Salford Quays M50 3XW

Wed April 24 @ 9:00am Yorkshire Radio (Outside broadcast from Leeds United Football Club) Address: Elland Rd Leeds LS11 0ES

2:00pm: Lincs FM Address: Witham Park Waterside South Lincoln LN5 7JN

Thu April 25 @ 3:30pm Metro FM Address: 55 Degrees North, Pilgrim St, Newcastle NE1 6BF

Fri April 26 @ 9:30pm BBC Radio Manchester Addres:QUAY HOUSE / MEDIA CITY, SALFORD, MANCHESTER M50 2QH

Anyway, this is where we'll be and when for the first week of the tour… We'll keep you posted on the second leg starting April 29th too!

Regional Radio Tour… Imminent…

Had the very cool news today that we'll finally be hitting the road again on April 23rd… For our first, full REGIONAL RADIO TOUR! Over 2 weeks on the road in as many towns and cities of the UK as we can fit in… visiting all the radio stations we can… with maybe a few naughty street gigs on the way… We can't wait!

We should know the full route by Friday, so we'll let you know where we are going to be and when… It would be great to meet some of you all in person!!!

Get thinking of where you think would be good/weird for a FULL, unexpected band gig and we'll see what we can do… If any of you have any "ins" with the local police/councils and can keep them off our backs when we do it that would be good too! :-)

We seem to have gained the tag "Kings Of Guerrilla Gigs" now, so we may as well live up to it!

Watch this space!

Tune in for tomorrow's episode, working title "About Time We Washed The Van Then…"


So we're now back in the UK, and since we've been back amongst the street gigs and meetings we managed to make a very enjoyable visit to the students of ACM. ACM is a music college in Guildford and we went up there to play a few songs and do some little Q&A sessions with the students which ended up feeling a bit like group therapy, as Clark and I had a chance to air our dirty laundry in public. Many of the questions ended up down the route of how we get on with each other on tour... and frankly, as boring as it seems, we actually get on very well most of the time. But the morning of our ACM visit me and Clark did end up having a very brief "tiff" I believe it would be called. Here's how it went down: It was a crisp, sunny morning outside Tesco Express. And as the rest of the town of Guildford were rising from their slumber we were grabbing a quick breakfast snack...

I was eating, and Clark came up behind me and launched his famous "really loud dog bark" in my ear... I reacted, frankly quite badly and launched my croissant at his head. A few expletives were exchanged and we carried on about our day!

We're like the Sex Pistols or something hey?!

Anyway, in other more normal news we've had a chance to start doing demo's of the massive amount of new songs we seem to have accumulated since we recorded Fake Control last year. It's always so exciting working on new songs... and we've got some real gems coming together for you guys! Here's Rob working on some guitar sounds...

Until next time Rubies!


Oooh, who's that in the paper!?

Hey All, It's been a while since I wrote a 'lil blog... Much like 90% of my Facebook status', I usually write them, then decide to delete them at the last minute, so lets see if this one makes the cut! (If your reading this, it means it has! Wooohoo!)

We've had a little bit of time off over the last week, which has been cool, (but boring!). We've started writing a few new tunes, and already have some big ideas for the next album, (maybe a bit premature, but it can only be a good thing!)

Exciting news! We are featured in today's Guardian, a lovely little write up about our summer street gigging tactics. You can check it out here; http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/sep/16/guerrilla-gigs-rubylux

I'm starting to panic a bit now, about Australia. I haven't thought about what the hell I'm going to take, and was quite shocked to hear that it is cold over there at the moment! I just assumed Australia was hot all day, every day!! We're also stopping off in Singapore for a few days before we get to Aus, we'll be doing a bit of Promo for the album out there, plenty of interviews and radio sessions, which we like! Can't speak a word of ....(Hold on while I just quickly google what language it is they speak there, in an attempt to pass it off as a bit of intelligence) MALAY, MANDARIN OR TAMIL! (Wow, didn't know that!)

The 'Main Event' of our trip to Australia will be performing at the One Movement festival, at the MUSEXPO showcase event. This takes place in Perth between the 6th-8th Oct. More dates are being added to the diary every day though, so looks like we won't have to much time to wrestle alligators, stroke koala's or travel around in the pouch of a kangaroo...

We had a meeting this morning, and amongst trying to (non)discreetly show off our faces in the Guardian to the Waitress, we have decided on a date and venue for our next big show! We will be announcing this as soon as its all confirmed...

(Just realised how much easier it is to write a blog while you've got music blaring out loud! Currently listening to Jamie Cullum, which has been great up until this particular song!)

Clark WATCH!

Clark's recovery is getting there! He might be hopping around the stage a bit, but we'll figure out a way of making it part of the show... Maybe attach some pyro to his crutches or something... Or a smoke machine built in to his cast?! He's been so bored since breaking his heel, he's been sending us so many pointless emails, we've started to worry that he may have also sustained a head injury. (Joke! Sorry mate!) (haha, lolz, rolf). However, its not only Clark that's been bored, Ad decided to put together an open letter, in the form of a youtube video. Check it out here

Right, enough of that waffle... Speak to you all soon! I've got to get back to "accidentally" showing people my face in the paper!




So! where to begin…  I guess the start… We’ve mastered the art of turning up on time, what I mean by that is no matter what time plan to meet up or be collected… it’ll be precisely an hour later.

Before I begin a shout out to Mr Chunky Chirps for his extra pair of hands on our excursion to the south west, motivation and general lugging kit about really made the Newquay chapter of the Street Gig tour an easier one and one to remember.

We stopped in Plymouth on the way to Newquay to rest after the long drive from Brighton, which happened to fly by with the help of a few renditions of the obvious Proclaimers and Hanson songs… did I say Hanson… erm no?! Not much to say about Plymouth as we didn’t see much, but the Route 38 cafe looked like a very promising for a lovely bit of toady… ah, it wasn’t. Using the Brighton Breakfast Review rating guide we marked this wannabe redneck eatery at 1 out of 5 mushrooms. The 1 Mushroom point came from our “Kick his arse Sea-bass” impressions… which we all know is from the film Dumb and Dumber… except Ad (Me, Myself and Irene).

As we had already Street Gigged Newquay 3 years ago we knew the perfect plot of public right of way, but forgot how to get there. 5 backseat drivers a TomTom with a sense of humor, many 3 point turns and a very confusing one way system later, we found our spot. In the past we’ve met a lot of resistence doing street gigs, this year seems to be going pretty smooth! We popped ino Sainsbury to let them know what we were up to and they gave us free parking for the day! all the local businesses and bars surrounding said that they don’t mind us making a noise and they’ll even switch off their music systems to have a listen in! What lovely people! or did I speak to soon… We almost got to finishing our set, Rob started playing the teasing intro melody of I Want You when the standing crowd we had gathered started to BOOOOOOH… I was greatly confused, I Want You is a tune! Ahhhh… There was a man in Blue amongst us (HE’S BEHIND YOOOOUUUU). He started to mumble saying he had a complaint etc so I asked our lovely bunch of listeners if they had a problem… no problem, he then changed his tone and got a bit weird whispering into my ear… “if you don’t stop now, I’ll pull your plug”… I was confused, was he a PCSO or a strip-o-gram?! As we have the power of a PA system I addressed this to the crowd, he didn’t seem happy. Apparantly it’s illeagle to amplify anything in the public area… roll on next election when party members go round with their megaphoned cars. He had a complaint and was only doing his job to be fair, it helped us greatly too… the “naughty” factor really makes us look tough. LOL. Ah have I just lost the toughness by LOL-ing…

But it seemed that this was meant to be, as soon as we switched off Jenny the Genny the rain came.

We decided to retire for the day and after a spot of lunch with a confusing assumption of a Garlic Bread serving we hired some wet suits and boards and hit the beach!! I say we collectively, Ad and Mike played no part in the surfing, but made up for it in “Getting the van” duty. So Rob, Chunky Chirps, Craigy and I looking like Pro’s hit the waves. The look soon faded. We were being bowled over by nearly every wave. But to be fair we did “pop up” a few times… and got up on a few waves. ;)

Surfing is pretty tiring.

After a night of “You’re not from round here are you” we managed to escape unscathed from a small village and get an early night for another day in Newquay.

Trying to find a spot as good as yesterday was proving difficult. So we took up someones driveway. Yup, that’s right. Someone had seen us the day before and offered us the driveway outside Goofy’s, a popular lodge right next to one of the beaches.

A BIG shout out to Andy at Goofy’s thank you very much brother! Goofy’s was a few steps away from the entrance to the surf festival so we had a lot of people stopping on their way! A trouble free street gig and hopefully we made lots of new friends and fans :)

We’re just editing a few video’s so for all you non-readers… congratulations if you got this far, if I were you I’d look at changing my reading ability status, next blog will be up as soon as we have them done!

And for all you VIP members… little suprises coming your way VERY soon. :)


Radio/Street Tour - The TM's View


Having spent half the week waiting for the guys to recover from there bout of the flu we finally hit the road today and headed off to Oxford for an interview with Oxford 107.9fm with the lovely Sophie (Brucey) Bruce. I spent most of the journey having to convince the boy's that I really did used to be a Bus Driver!!!

En route we visited a service station that Mike was convinced was the greatest service station in the WORLD..... IT WASN'T!! They Had Free Wi-Fi which evidently wasn't free, one positive was the McDonalds. You don't get many of them on the motorways of the UK! We finally arrived at the Radio station a little early so Rob and I invented a great game based on the kids favourite "Curb Ball" with a little twist which we entitled "Curb Ball Tennis"... Clever hey??!!

The Interview itself went really well and was aired on the Breakfast Show Thursday morning, we even managed to bag ourselves a little treat from "Brucey" in the form of Bubblegum flavoured air freshners which we inhaled all the way to Bath where our Travelodge Penthouse awaited us......


WOW, that was some "quiet" night out... We started the evening with a lovely 'Curry and a pint' jobby and then managed to find ourselves in an "O'Niells", we were sooo excited!! It turned out ot be an open mic night and Clark managed to act like a Diva within about 30 seconds by telling the guy running it that he was in a band and they were awesome!! So the boys played a couple of songs and then we had the great idea(it seemed that way at the time) that I would replace Ad in the band for a song and sing a cover.... That didn't really go to plan, I could literally only remember the chorus of both songs we attempted so now had my 4th nickname in a week "Chorus Craig".

Despite all of the above and quite a few orange juices later I still managed to drag myself out of bed at 7.30am and go save the Rubybus from those horrible Traffice Wardens.... We then hit the road for Bristol where we played an awesome "Street Gig" and met some very interesting people. Today was also documented by Uk Undiscovered, big shout for Craig and Andy who had to leave Leeds at 4.30am to get down to us. We had a really good day filming and the footage will be available for you all to see real soon, Thanks again guys. It was then off to Andover Sound for interview which was a great end to the day(Thanks to Shirley for a fun interview and the pens and stickers for our little collection)...


So, me and the boys had a bit of a lovers tiff last night, they seemed to think that going to see Stonehenge was more important and potentially life changing than me getting to watch Football?!! I didn't agree so we went our seperate ways, well for an hour or so anyway. With our marriage guidance out of the way we headed down to Amesbury to find somewhere to eat, which almost caused our second ruck in as many hours. The boys wanted another curry and after the awful smells that I had to contend with at the hands of Mike and Ad after our previous nights ruby murray there was no way that was happening!! We eventually settled on a lovely village pub and the rest is history as you would have seen in the previous blog!!

We made our way to Portsmouth first thing for an interview and session with Express FM which was again real good fun and Rob managed to take the first points in our secret interview challenge(all will be revealed at the end of the tour)... So for our final Street gig of the week we headed to Southampton where we managed to pitch up in the centre of the High street for one of our best street gigs to date. Special thanks go to the guy with the Flower stool who's pitch we intruded on and also for selling us some lovely bunches to take back home for the WAGS!!

It was a great start to the Street/Radio tour and the guys are really starting to shine in the interviews, i'm really looking forward to the next leg of the tour and hope you've all managed to make it through all the waffling in my "first debut" Blog to thank you all for you're continued support and welcome the new fans we've met through the week....

Until next time!!



93 Feet East TONIGHT!

Morning Y'all! Just a quick update and to remind you all we are playing in London tonight...93 Feet East is in Shoreditch and we're on at around 8:45pm!

Also, please remember to vote for our vid at http://www.muzu.tv/video-fightclub  We're up against I Am Arrows and quite frankly...WE WANT TO WIN!  Did we mention that before?

Those on the South Coast of the UK listen out for us tomorrow afternoon on Splash FM, we'll be on chatting about our upcoming street tour and playing a tune or two!


Summer, Album, More Street Gigs

Hey Peeps,

First up, apologies for the rather large gap since our last update! We thought we'd give you some time to absorb all the news... Also, we don't like to clutter up your inbox too much!

Sooo, it's been a hectic few months over at Ruby HQ, lots of gigging, writing, meetings (breakfast), recording, drinking and making the most of the lovely weather with plenty of Street Gigs.

I guess our biggest bit of news is that in August we are starting work with Grammy award winning producer James Sanger on our first album, which we are confident will be a work of art! We will be flying off to a secret location with the aim to stay as long as it takes to write and produce a GREAT debut album. We will keep you all updated with news/pics/videos etc through our twitter over the next few months.

Other BIG news, we've FINALLY, after 2 years of rattling on about it, bought our VAN! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought a CD or T-Shirt over the last few months, as you helped buy it! So if anyone wants a lift anywhere, give Clark a shout, and he'll come and pick you up! (as always, terms and conditions apply!)

The Van, which we have affectionately named MO, will be transporting us across the country over the summer, as we continue to take our "Street Gig Spectacular" to the people, as we visit different sunny towns and cities all over the UK! (again follow us on Twitter for last minute news on these)

We've almost sold out of our Limited Edition �Don't Feel So Low' EP, so if you were one of the 1000 lucky people to get your hands on one, you will notice that every CD was numbered, so hold on to them, as we are sure they will become hot "eBay" property!

Anyone that hasn't been able to get hold of the merchandise at our gigs will be pleased to know you can now make your orders at www.rubylux.net/merch.

Mens and Womens T's, as modeled by Adam and Mike!!

The New RUBY-RANGE (this seasons must have!)

You can get your hands on a Rubylux t-shirt by Clicking HERE!!

You can now also PRE ORDER your copy of our next EP "Don't Forget", from here.

As always, keep up to date with what we're up to through our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Myspace! And please keep uploading your Photos and Videos to the Web, as we love to see them! That's all for now, see u all soon!

Lots of Love,



p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for another newsletter soon, with an exciting announcement about a special way to get your hands on more music, gig tickets etc...