I Don't Want Paradise - Acoustic Session

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Yfs0qLMpZ4 Here is a little acoustic session we filmed a few weeks back. The album is out in less than 3 weeks, and this is one of my favourites from it. Share it on FB and Twitter!


Abbey Road


This week, we fulfilled a big dream of ours... We got to visit Abbey Road studios. We were there working on a new mix of our next single "I Don't Want Paradise", which is sounding awesome (even if we do say so ourselves!).

We were in the famous Studio 2, probably the most famous studio in the world, where the Beatles recorded nearly all of their albums and singles. If you've been to any of our gigs, you'll know we often like to tip our musical hats to the Beatles, so this really was a special moment for us!

After the session, we couldn't resist doing the whole tourist thing, and re-enacting THAT album cover!

We're off to the Lake District tomorrow to play at Kendal Calling, the line up is incredible, and we can't wait to catch some of the other bands, and rock out our set! (Calling out stage - Sunday 28/07. 1.30pm!)

Mike x

Life in t'Studio


Hi Guys, Currently back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on our new album. It's really coming together now.

We've been a little bit quiet recently, but we're working hard, and making sure when we release our new stuff, it's bigger and better than ever!

In other news, I've developed an addiction to cashew nuts, Ad can't stop playing this tennis game on his iPhone, Clark is currently watching a video of a crazy old woman on YouTube, and Rob is almost certain he was sat next to Yoko Ono on the train yesterday... Hmm!

We played a great show with Russian superstars "Mumiy Troll" last month. It was amazing to play some of this material to a sold out O2 Academy in London!
20120925-122918.jpg We have a few big shows coming up over the next month or two, including London & Brighton. Tickets are going really quickly, which is always amazing to hear!

Anyway. Better get back to the mixing, otherwise Clark will have found some way of shoehorning a sample of this mad old YouTube woman into our next single!


New Headline Show Announcement!

Rubylux Live

Hi guys, Just a quick one to let you know that our next full headline show will be at London's awesome, spanking new venue Surya… You can grab tickets HERE!

We are deep into the recording our second album and as an "independent" band we have a lot of stuff to deal with on both the creative side and the "business" side of things but we're rocking on that front now… so we're getting hard at work on rehearsing the new songs we've been having to hold back for a little while now… and we're DAMN EXCITED to play you the new stuff live!

We'll see you there!

Ad, Clark, Mike and Rob


Black Sun Needs Sparks...

We're up in our spiritual recording home of North Wales right now in the little village of Penmaenmawr working away at a big batch of new songs...  We thought we'd share some lyrics with you from one of the songs as we're really excited about the tunes but can't yet let you hear them (you will if you come see us on the 15th of October at Concorde2 in Brighton though... Tickets available HERE!!!)
Here you go:

Black Sun Needs Sparks

Is it so hard to speak? Or is the story so demeaning, The words will make us weak? Where did you lose your crown? You ran into the wild, I don't recognise you now.

I need to know, where does the time go, Waiting in our own silent dreams? Is it so hard to see, That the shadows on the wall are not, truth for you and me? Millions of lovers deep, is the ocean that we drift on, Or drown if we're asleep. I need to know, Where did the stars go, Living in our own silent dreams?

I'm tryna get your heart. Coz the black sun needs sparks. I sided with the dark, coz I know who you are.

If all, is lost, we'll turn to stone... And we'll forget about us. As we spiral down, I'm learning life has no light without love.

I'm tryna get your heart. Coz the black sun needs sparks. I sided with the dark, Coz the black sun needs sparks, I sided with the dark, Coz I know who you are.

Studio Diary

Hey all, We're currently locked away in the studio at the foot of the mountains in North Wales, we've been working on some new material, which we are very excited about!

It's been great to get back to recording, and we are seriously looking forward to playing these songs live over the next few months.

We will be debuting some of the new material at the Concorde 2 show on the 15th Oct! Tickets are now on sale, and if our last 2 home town shows are anything to go by, it would be worth getting hold of your tickets now so you dont miss out!

We will write you a lovely big update soon, but in the meantime, here is a picture of Ad laying down some pianos on the Bösendorfer!



iPhone on Toast...

'sup y'all! Bit of American I picked up to start the blog for you there…

Hope you're all liking the snazzy new site… Despite my awful miserable-ness in that main photo! Who thought that was a good idea?! I've got that moody sexy thing going on though right?

I've had a weird week… been without my laptop which is a lifestyle change that just feels uncomfortable. I all of a sudden had loads of time on my hands I don't normally have! Couldn't record anything at home (so I didn't see Clark for a few days)… Couldn't get on Facey-B or Twatter and all that lark either. Let's be honest, it just isn't fun to do that on a phone is it?! Speaking of which, I dropped and smashed iPhone number 8 today! What a wally!

iPhones have really got that "Toast always lands butter side down" thing going on haven't they?!

Just had an idea for a toast based app… I'll get back to you on that!


Blog 1 on the new website… DONE!

Good innit?!


Here's a pic I liked (despite me doing my stupid Stevie Wonder head) courtesy of Rachel Stanikk from our recent show at The Brook in Southampton! AMAZING venue!



So we're now back in the UK, and since we've been back amongst the street gigs and meetings we managed to make a very enjoyable visit to the students of ACM. ACM is a music college in Guildford and we went up there to play a few songs and do some little Q&A sessions with the students which ended up feeling a bit like group therapy, as Clark and I had a chance to air our dirty laundry in public. Many of the questions ended up down the route of how we get on with each other on tour... and frankly, as boring as it seems, we actually get on very well most of the time. But the morning of our ACM visit me and Clark did end up having a very brief "tiff" I believe it would be called. Here's how it went down: It was a crisp, sunny morning outside Tesco Express. And as the rest of the town of Guildford were rising from their slumber we were grabbing a quick breakfast snack...

I was eating, and Clark came up behind me and launched his famous "really loud dog bark" in my ear... I reacted, frankly quite badly and launched my croissant at his head. A few expletives were exchanged and we carried on about our day!

We're like the Sex Pistols or something hey?!

Anyway, in other more normal news we've had a chance to start doing demo's of the massive amount of new songs we seem to have accumulated since we recorded Fake Control last year. It's always so exciting working on new songs... and we've got some real gems coming together for you guys! Here's Rob working on some guitar sounds...

Until next time Rubies!


Blonde, blot, blow, Kazoo, block, BLOG!

Sorry about the typo's, I started writing this on my iPhone! Anyone else find them difficult to type on, and the auto correct REALLY annoying? Well, it's been a little while since I blogged so I thought I'd better get in and do one before the boys tell me off!

So here it is, a blog with no particular theme, but it's a blog nonetheless and will add a "blog point" to my tally.

Let me tell you some things:

1. OUR TOUR BEGINS ON TUESDAY! We've been rehearsing and preparing this week to make sure we're in tip top form for what is really our first "real" tour of the UK! Please check out the dates on the gigs page and come see us!

2. We've been doing a bit of recording this week as well... just a bit, just in our bedrooms, on the sly, demo's you might call them. We've got LOADS of new songs stockpiled, Rob's prolific songwriting just doesn't stop, and we are all itching to make another record, (Clark is also itching for other unrelated reasons) but it seems FAKE CONTROL has got a lot more legs in her yet and is still taking us all over the world which is amazing, but don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from! We've also been doing a bit of work on a cover we've been asked to do, which is starting to sound damn fine, we'll keep you posted!

3. I walked to Mike's house from my house this week and met a dog called Rosie. We got on really well and are gonna try and catch up again! It's early days for us, and we need to get to know each other properly, but it's promising. Fingers crossed!

4. A seagull got stuck on my balcony on Tuesday... it had a hurt wing. It turns out I'm birdaphobic (There's a proper word for that right?), so before anyone else feels they need to tell you... My Mum had to come round and pick it up for me! I just couldn't OK?! I don't trust them!

5. Thanks for reading my blog, please call in again, it's been a pleasure!



Advent - Day 8!

Ahhhhhh 12 minutes before it's too late and it goes into day 9... Boy have I got a treat for you lot today!

We've been hard at work today doing some recording for a secret cover... and we were putting down some vocals at Mike's house... It was a pretty rock and roll kind of day. We had a Terry's Chocolate Orange between us, some Twinings English Breakfast Tea (probably my favourite tea, if you're asking?!), and Mike topped off his turn to do the catering with some awesome Nachos and Sweet Chilli dip!

See I told you it was a rock 'n' roll kind of day... I'm pretty sure The Beatles would share a Chocolate Orange during a hard days recording!

Although I don't think they would be doing a vocal take with THAT in their arms!!!!!!

I believe Clark's exact words were: " I didn't know Paris F*?%!^* Hilton was in the band!!!"

The only difference between Mike and Paris "Talent Vacuum" Hilton is a talent...

and before Mike takes that as a compliment...

His talent is his knack for knocking up a bowl of Nachos!

Until tommorow my friends!


PS I suppose to be fair to Paris, she can knock out a half decent video...

A new addition to the family...

We'd like to welcome our "new" (28 years old) Customised Korg Mono/Poly to the Rubylux family. She was born at 4:30pm this afternoon...  Tuesday 24th of November 2010, Weighing about 26 pounds!

Both Clark, Myself and our new instrument are healthy, and in high spirits but just feeling very tired.

We have just decided to name her Mrs Robinson, due to her being older than us...but still very, VERY sexy!

Please, no visitors just yet as Clark and I are very tired as it has been a 2 week labour, but listen out for Mrs Robinson on our next album!

Here's a picture of her finally at home with her family!

Ad's first blog!...

[gallery] So...... it's Adam here, posting my first blog on our beautiful new(ish) website.

The first blog I started to write was wishing you all a Merry Christmas, the second began by wishing you all a Happy New Year... I didn't finish and post either of them, so I'm determined to see this one through or it's going to be Easter before I know where I am and I'll be starting all over again!

In Rubynews...

We are now back to work on our album after a little festive break to pop home and see our friends and family, and also play a nice acoustic gig at Highbarn in Essex. It's such an awesome venue and we were made so welcome there the first time we played that we were more than happy to play again for their Christmas show. We met some nice people and had a couple of "Day Afer Boxing Day" drinks... What? You don't celebrate "Day After Boxing Day"???!!! I think some of the guys that were there have also put some video's of the set on youtube so check those out if you weren't able to make the gig!

Speaking of video's... We also had just enough time to squeeze in a little session to record a live acoustic version of one of our brand new songs 'Be Someone Real' which you can check out here... http://rubylux.net/?p=428 We spent 6 hours, at night on a rooftop in central Brighton, on what must have been one of the coldest day's of the century, and the coldest I've ever been IN MY LIFE!!!

To put it in perspective, the over the top amount of fog and smoke in the video isn't an effect to make it look good... It's our breath! It was worth it though and we are excited to be able to give you guys a sneak preview of one of our newest songs.

You may notice from the above mentioned video that Clark has a lot of facial hair again... I think he's going to start experimenting again after he shaved it all off and ate it before, so watch this space!

Mike is also thinking of growing both of his facial hairs...... so stay tuned for the latest developments on that!

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and all that lark!

Hope you are all well, and we'll speak soon!

Huuuge love...

Ad €:^]



Late night blogging. Dear Ruby fans,

It's been a while since I've personally posted anything but I promise to keep everyone up-to-date on ALL shenanigans (now that we've got this lovely new site to post on!!) We're still out in France recording and to give you an idea of what we intend to achieve here...We started making the album on the 10th

August this year and we don't expect to finish until at least February next year. We're developing our sound, writing new songs, taking time to experimentwith new instruments and have built an amazing working relationship with James Sanger. We're staying in his holiday home/studio with his family who we've gotten to know really well and we've even cooked a few times! (That was quite traumatic... ;0))

So... It's gonna be a while till the album is completed but I believe in the Guinness adverts... "Good things come to those who wait,"  and we've been given the opportunity to showcase our lifetime of rehearsing, gigging, writing, buying vans that breakdown, etc, in one small Compact disc! (or download file.)

Actually can't wait to play everyone the new songs! Below are some lyrics to a new song that I wrote last week.

The song was inspired by many late nights discussing existentialism and the continuous quest to find our own personal truth... even if it means turning against everything we've learnt. I think we all have our own ideas about what we should believe, and rather than be told... it should come from within... or "inside".

"Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others".

Much love to you and look foward to seeing you soon.

Keep in touch,

Rob. x


Instincts are caught in the way, Makes it harder to appreciate, The spoonful of shit that we're fed, By a history of violent bloodshed,

Oh, maybe, I don't understand why we, educate this land only, To forget why we're here...

Forgetting the world that's inside, Is where you'll find love. Divine is in each of us.

Emotions are trapped in a box, It's catharsis, it's how I get off, Is it too much to live this for real? Are we too comfortable just running on the wheel?

Coz they cage you, But they tell you they'll save you, And when you trust them they'll trade you, Trade your soul for their fear.

Forgetting the world that's inside, is where you'll find love. Inside, is where you'll find love. Divine is in each of us.

Do I change? What pieces remain of my secret life? I'm turning against my needless desire, There's no going back once you start this fire, There's no going back.

Remember the world that's inside, Is where you'll find love, Reside with your questions of, Inside, is where you'll find love. Divine, is in each of us.

Studio Update

Soo, thought it was probably about time for a bit of a catch up... Things are going great here in the studio, we've been busy writing new tunes, and tweaking a few of the older ones... We're really excited about the "work" we're getting done here, and can't wait to get it out to the world next year. For those who thought we'd just turned lazy, we're currently working with Brit and Grammy award winning producer James Sanger, (Keane, Manics, U2, Dido, Brian Eno...)

As well as a great album to be happy about, there's some very exciting things already lined up for early next year, which we will be sure to keep you updated with as soon as we're allowed to!

We swam back to Brighton a few weeks back to perform a special "preview show". Thanks to all the people who made it down, we had a great night! There are now some photos of the night up on our Gallery Page (above)

In other news, Rob is keeping up his running every morning routine, whilst Mike and Clark are busy creeping up on Ad and scaring the living shit out of him at every given opportunity!

We'll be sure to make a new video from the studio asap! So make sure your subscribed to our Youtube page for updates on them!

Hopefully speak to u all through Facebook/Twitter soon!

Lots of Glove,

Rob, Clark, Ad and Mike.



Song Writing in the Sun...

Carefully Crossiing the Road!

EP 2, iTunes, Back in the Studio

First up, apologies if you just received a newsletter from a few weeks back, we're having a few technical difficulties over at Ruby-Towers! We're pleased to announce that our second EP 'Don't Forget' is available on iTunes as of... .... NOW!!!!!

To commemorate our second release, we've published this footage of Clark being held hostage... Enjoy!

Click here! to take you to the iTunes store where you can buy the 'Don't Forget EP'.

Meanwhile, we're busy back in the studio, working hard on our debut album.

The short time we spent back in Brighton, we managed to squeeze in a few street gigs. Thanks to all who watched us perform, and a big thanks if you took home a CD, you've made it possible for us to continue on our musical quest!!

Much Love,

Mike, Clark, Rob and Ad


Snow Time Like The Present

Snow time like the present! Hello, G'day, Hyvaa paivaa, Konichiwa and Pnawn da!

As everyone in the UK will know, the snow has seen the country grind to a halt!

So... while everyone is at home, with nothing to do, other than think of funny snow puns for their facebook status, we thought we would send you out a newsletter to keep you entertained!

First up, here is a BRAND SPANKING NEW video of "Screaming Surrender", recently performed in a LIVE acoustic session. Hope you enjoy. (feel free to comment on the youtube video and send to all your friends!)

In other news... Our slot at Singfest 2009 has been confirmed so we will be heading out to Singapore this coming August to play at the festival, and other gigs around Asia. This year's line up is still being finalised, but last year saw Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Panic at the Disco and One Republic play, so hopefully this year will be even bigger and better.

We're still working on our debut album, and have been spending more and more late evenings in the studio working on new tracks, and re-mixing some of the old ones! One of our songs "Don't Feel So Low" is just being polished off and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley, who has mixed some great records, by acts such as Razorlight, The Feeling, Stereophonics and (Ad's favourite singer), Leona Lewis!

We're hoping to start performing the new songs at our next couple of shows, and can't wait to get back to street gigging as soon as the weather picks up! For those of you who've seen us play on the street before, you'll know how it works. We pull up, unload the gear, fire up our trusty generator, and play as many songs as possible, before the police turn up and move us along! We've made many friends, in many different towns and cities over the last year or two, and hope to make this year the biggest yet! If you know a good spot where we can play in your area let us know!

We'd like to rap this up, and let you get back to the snow puns, by reminding anyone who hasn't yet downloaded our FREE 4 track EP, to do so by visiting http://rubylux.co.uk/freeEp.php and entering the Voucher Code: 4H7K3F.

As usual, please help us by forwarding the link (or this newsletter) to as many of your friends as possible! Help spread the RUBY-LOVE!

See you all soon, Rob, Mike, Ad, Clark