'Red Moon Falls' Official video

We're proud to release the official video for our latest single 'Red Moon Falls!' We are incredibly lucky to have been introduced to a superb animator from Canada, Jonathan Ng, who has been so generous in allowing us to use his work. It was through his short film 'Requiem For Romance' that we saw the potential for a collaboration with his film and our new single. Instantly, when we put the two creations together, the song and story entwined in perfect sync and sentiment. Hit play and let us know what you think and feel free to share!

The single is available from iTunes HERE

And make sure you check out the original film 'Requiem For Romance' HERE to get an alternative version! :)

AND... if you guys love his work as much as we do, check out his limited edition art prints and DVDs HERE

Red Moon Falls

You spend your whole life looking for somebody to save you, Someone to tell you when you’re wrong, Someone to praise you when you’re strong. We spent the whole night talking to each other like strangers. How do we feel so alone, after the years that we’ve grown together?

I’m tearing down the streets again, Leaning heavy on my friends, I should have let you love me then, And this would all be over.

Honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully. Honestly, I’m not what I used to be, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully.

See I was too proud, never could accept the shoulder. ‘Cause nobody knows the way we are, These bullets of love will never scar.

And if only there were demons taking us over, The reason there’s fire behind your eyes, The reason we turn away at nights and so I’m,

I’m tearing down the streets again, Leaning heavy on my friends, I should have let you love me then, And this would all be over.

Honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully. Honestly, I’m not what I used to be, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully.

‘Cause I don’t feel you with me, There’s no faith to give me, I can’t find the way I used to feel your pain, I don’t feel you’re with me now.

‘Cause honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, And I’ll come back graceful. Honestly, there’s not much hope for me, Till the red moon falls, red moon falls, I’ll come back gracefully.

Oh, this could all be over. Oh, I should have let you love me then.

You spend your whole life looking for somebody to save you.

23rd June @ The100Club supporting 'The Last Internationale'


If you think it's over, better think again. There'll be no compromise, turning up the power. Feel adrenaline. Move into overdrive... Here comes the revolution!!! It kicks off on Monday night in London from 8pm. We'll be playing our hardest, rawest songs to match the grit of the headline band 'The Last Internationale'. There's a real buzz around these guys... Probably because they're awesome, the drummer is from 'Rage Against The Machine', and they're on tour with The Kings Of Leon. You don't get much more cred than that!

8pm at the prestigious 'The 100 Club' in London... See us open up heavy for these rockers:

Một Hai Ba... Dzô!!! (Cheers!!!)

A week today we will make our 3rd visit to the beautiful country of Vietnam! "Must do's" on our list are as follows

- Ad must shop at least 4 times a day in the same market to buy calvin klein boxers at £1 a pair, that Clark will 'borrow' very long term. - Mike must get sun burned and be 'the little man from Chester' for a day or two, until he gets the jet lag out of him. - Rob must say he will 'eat healthy' on this trip, but have ribs or steak most nights. - Clark must remember to steal a pair of knock off boxer shorts from Ad.

Hen Gap Lai!!


The Journey

Some of you may know... some of you may not... We are very humbled by having a song off our new album THE WORLD GOES QUIET being used as the Lead Track for a film called "The Journey" www.greecethemovie.com

A while ago at one of our street gigs, some random chap walked up to our collection hat... picked it up... and walked around the gathered audience making sure that everyone popped a few quid in for the gig... That chap had a name... and that name is Lance... and that name precedes a surname... Nielsen. Lance Nielsen.

Little did we know, that Lance had a story to tell, a story so big that a film is being made about it!!

Anyway, I wont spoil the story as there's an event next week at the Roxy Bar and Screen where you can see the Trailer for The Journey yourself!!! Book a seat or a table through the facebook event page! £50 a table, that price covers entry and a bottle of chosen grog :)

Carol Jackson (Lindsay Coulson) will be there! And Jason Flemyng!! What a ledge. Both star in the film... I've had an exclusive look at the trailer... It's EPIC!

Oh... also Love Without A Cause (The song being used) has a video made from scenes from the film... WOOP! It will also be the debut live performance of the song so get your butts down and open your wallets to help out with crowdfunding this GREAT FILM!!!

Clark - Assistant to the Director... ;)


Album. itunes. go!

The time has arrived! Welcome! Our NEW ALBUM "The World Goes Quiet" is now available to preorder on iTunes! (That's a big link... it deserves clicking)

Go have a preview of the songs and tease your ears for the next few weeks!

While you're waiting for the release date, come hear the songs live at one our next shows!

Want food? come see us at Taste of London <- Click that link, innit!

Want a night out? come see us at Purple Turtle, Camden. <- Click that one too!

Clark - Link Master



Evening all! Just a quick update about our support gig on the 25th of May. The venue has been changed! We are no longer playing Shepherds Bush... The venue has changed to the *O2 Academy in Islington*. If you haven't got tickets yet, you can grab them by clicking here!:

It's going to be a great gig and is certain to sell out. We hope you can make it down to see us play an amazing venue supporting Russia's biggest rock band Mumiy Troll... Check them out! Click here to watch a video!:

We continue our radio tour this week so keep an ear out for us and feel free to text in to request us! Check out our interview from BBC Manchester from Friday! Click the pic and scroll 10 mins in! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you soon!

Big love,


Rubylux in Hamburg


Rubylux in Hamburg! We packed our beloved van named Blossom and set off on the 15 hour drive to Germany. (It should be 12 hours but we add time for car-park football and some exquisite service station food!) Throughout the journey we sang the classics, had a few brewski's and arrived at our friend Katrin's house in the early hours of the morning. The next day we woke up to the arousing aroma of waffles! (If we ever stay at your house, you know how to win our hearts!)

Soundcheck started early but the Prinzenbar venue was well worth spending some time in! Built in the 1890's, it was the first cinema in Germany and still retained a lot of original decor. That, combined with the huge German style spread laid on for us, paved the way for an amazing gig! We've only played 3 shows in Germany, so to have such an amazing audience for our own night was a great feeling.

Here's the set that we played:

You may have noticed that we have been adding lots of new songs to the setlist recently. We're nearly finished recording them but until then, you can catch a few live videos on youtube! And here is our little video diary of our trip!

We can't wait to come back again soon. Hopefully we'll do a few more shows around the country.

Lots of love,

Rubylux xxx


New Headline Show Announcement!

Rubylux Live

Hi guys, Just a quick one to let you know that our next full headline show will be at London's awesome, spanking new venue Surya… You can grab tickets HERE!

We are deep into the recording our second album and as an "independent" band we have a lot of stuff to deal with on both the creative side and the "business" side of things but we're rocking on that front now… so we're getting hard at work on rehearsing the new songs we've been having to hold back for a little while now… and we're DAMN EXCITED to play you the new stuff live!

We'll see you there!

Ad, Clark, Mike and Rob


Back on the road!


Dear Rubies, We’ve just come back from North Wales on another recording trip… I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to play these new songs to you. We’ve decided to throw a few new songs into the set for the tour, so don’t miss it!

“When is the tour?” I hear you say!

Well, we’re supporting the fantastic Peter Grant on the remainder of his UK tour below. Are we in a city near you?!

8th - Milton Keynes - Stables 01908 280800 stables.org

11th - Southampton - The Brook 02380 535 366 the-brook.com

13th - Bristol - Fleece 0871 220 0260 seetickets.com

14th - Manchester - Ruby Lounge 0844 888 9991 seetickets.com

15th - Leeds - Irish Centre 0113 2455570 wegottickets.com

16th - London - Bush Hall 08700 603 777

We’ve also made a little introduction video for the second album and posted it on Youtube. Please share it on your walls/tweets and spread the love! We’ll be eternally grateful!


Hope to see you at a gig… Come say hello!

Much love,

Ad, Clark, Rob and Mike


Happy New Year/The Bull And Gate This Sunday!


Dear Rubies! Hope you all had a Happy New Year! We've recovered from excessive eating and hangovers and we're already back in the studio getting stuck into the 2nd album... BUT... this year we're also going to be on the road more than ever! We've got a load of gigs lined up so we hope you can make it to one!

To kick start the year, we're playing THIS SUNDAY (8th Jan) at the 'Bull And Gate' in London. Apparently, this is the same venue that Coldplay played many years ago and got a major deal from!

Get your tickets here: http://www.wegottickets.com/bullandgate/event/148533

And here's a video of one of our new songs from an acoustic gig we played at the amazing High Barn last week. A big thank you to Ali for uploading!


Thank you for your support and keep spreading the word for us! This year is the year of the Ruby! ;0)

Rob. x


1st Stockton – Arc (Tickets: www.arconline.co.uk) 2nd York – Duchess (Tickets: www.ticketweb.co.uk) 8th Milton Keynes – Stables (Tickets: www.stables.org) 11th Southampton – The Brook (Tickets: www.the-brook.com) 13th Bristol – Fleece (Tickets: www.seetickets.com) 14th Manchester – Ruby Lounge (Tickets: www.seetickets.com) 15th Leeds – Irish Centre (Tickets: www.wegottickets.com) 16th London – Bush Hall

October Update - Thanks/Gigs/Germany - and more!

Where to Start?… A HUGE THANKS to everyone who has downloaded What You Need off the iTunes store! The huge response got us up to 25 in the Alternative album chart AND we are now featured on the front page of the iTunes store and the iTunes alternative store!! :D We have had huge support off you guys, regional Radio and the lovely folks over at BBC Radio 2! Our friends Vanessa Feltz, Alex Lester, Dermot O'Leary and Richard Madeley played our single and praised it also! Richard even tweeted about it!


WOW! words can't really describe our happiness for the turn up (Sold out is a good turn out apparently?:D) … so here's a pic of us AND YOU, well maybe your arms if you were there.

Our biggest home gig to date! Great support acts from Fran Classic, The Bronze Medal and All Mankind, new songs got a great reception, Mike got to use his lovely new cymbal, Ad has loved the crashing sound of it in his ear in the last few rehearsals. We had people come from France, Austria, Canada and the exotic parts of Wales! The after party was a good reflection of the gig, all smiles, singing and JagerBombs!

NEXT! Come catch a show!

Friday 28th Oct - Esquires, Bedford Friday 11th Nov - Sound House Club, Colchester

And some VERY exciting news…

Straight after the Colchester gig we'll be jumping in Blossom and heading over to… GERMANY!! We're supporting Carpark North on a few dates around the highly efficient country,

Saturday 12th Nov - Max, Flensburg Sunday 13th Nov - Matrix, Bochum Monday 14th Nov - Logo, Hamburg

THEN we'll be heading back to the UK for some more lovely UK giggedies! We'll be supplying a Gig Ticket and Bus ticket combo for the following gig...

Thursday 17th Nov - Boderline, London CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Friday 18th Nov - Llanelli Xmas lights . (we're heading to Clark's hometown! Think they need a hand putting in the light bulbs;)

We have A LOT more exciting news to come, but putting it all into one email could cause possible long term harm!

So we'll leave you there for now with all things Rubylux

Big Love,

Rob, Mike, Adam and Clark


THAT One Direction Video...


Just over a week ago, we released our video online! Thanks to everyone who has already watched, commented and shared! A week later, we see that X-Factor's One Direction have released their video... And there are some glaringly obvious similarities! This is clearly just some mad coincidence, as I'm sure theirs was shot weeks, if not months back. I just thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about how we did ours...

In some ways, it is flattering that some people are drawing comparisons between the two, as the budgets for both video's would have been WORLDS apart.

Major labels tend to have a habit of spending pretty much as much as they can on their video's, and this video probably cost close to £100,000. Ours on the other hand... We found a super talented, up and coming director, who has been a close friend of ours for years. We came up with a simple idea together, and decided to start pulling in a few favours. We managed to borrow the great camper from VW Kampers, a great Brighton based company who are fans of ours! They were more than happy to help out!

In fact our biggest expense for the whole video was probably a BBQ and a few Beers for our friends and fans who attended the shoot! It's the least we could do! Our fans make up a big part of the video, and we really wanted them to be involved!

I'm not slating major record labels, but can't help but think if they took more of a DIY approach (and some are) that so many great new bands are doing (and doing brilliantly), they would be able to sign and support more up and coming talent. And not find themselves in the mess that a lot of them are in! Band's need time to grow, and spending a million quid in a year, on videos, photo-shoots etc... and then just dropping them a few months later seems like a crazy business plan for any type of company!

Anyway... Kind of a loosely related blog! In summary, we think the One Direction video looks great! Brilliant job to everyone involved! But they could have made 100 videos for the same price, and probably achieved the same great end result!!

It's no big deal for us, but we thought we'd better address the situation...

Here's both the video's in their full blown Orange Camper Van glory!

Rubylux on Fifa '12

You guys wanna help us get on the Fifa 12 soundtrack? We'd love it if you could :) Simply post the lyric video for RECONNECT LIFE found here...

*** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBwdOV-ULNA ***

...and paste it into the comments box at the bottom of the Fifa 12 wishlist forum found here...


The site has to moderate your comment before posting it, so probably wont show up straight away.

Add any of our other tunes onto the wishlist if you fancy, but we think Reconnect Life is the track of Fifa '12 ;)

Clark Xxx

Our first forum thread has just been created by the wonderful Soph!

OK everyone... our first forum thread has just been created by the wonderful Soph! She's asked a great question to kick things off so all you members out there head over to the forum and get chatting! If you have any problems in the forum regarding new topics or threads etc just drop us an email or post a reply in the ask us anything topic and we'll get straight back to you!



Hey Hey Y'aaaaaall! As you may know we're currently out in the U.S of A at a big ol' music event called MUSEXPO. We spent our first day here in Hollywood doing the tourist thang, having our picture taken by the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign, paid a visit to Santa Monica and the beach, stuffed our faces full of hearty American food, played with a Lizard, and rode along Muscle Beach on a tandem bicycle… y'know, all the usual stuff!

While out here we've also been lucky enough to meet up with one of the great inventors and scientists of our time, Professor. John Searl. Clark has a big interest in all things magnetic (Check out The SEG in Google) and has managed to get us all into it (even Mike!) So to go and meet a man who is essentially the "Einstein" of our time at his home was a great honour for all of us! Eternal thanks to Brad Lockerman and Stephanie Specht for your hospitality. X

For the last few days we have been busy checking out some other bands and meeting music industry types from all over the world. But it's now time for the real reason we're here… preparing for our huuuuuge showcase gig TONIGHT (Wednesday) at the legendary S.I.R Studio's here in Hollywood! We've been down to the venue a few times to see some other brilliant bands (Maneken, One Night Only and our good Norwegian buddies John Snow to name a few) and it's an awesome place with a nice big stage that we're very confident of rocking on!!!

We're on at 9:30pm which is 5:30am in the UK so if you're awake, think of us!