Feeling Vine

Morning!! How you feeling? I had peanut butter and strawberry jam on toast, thanks for asking :) That's the small talk done with then.

Just thought I'd try embedding a few videos from this new app thingy called VINE. Heard of it?

Anyway, it's like a Twitter/Instagram, but video that's 6 seconds long and loops. Like a GIF with sound right? I dunno?

Anyway, download it to your iPhone or Android device and search for us... RUBYLUX innit.

We recommend following - Jerome Jarre, Will Sasso, Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Family) and Sandy Buglass. Vine Experts.



Merry Christmas one and all!


We hope you're all having a wonderful day with your loved ones... and enjoy a warm and relaxing festive period! Thought we'd quickly remind you that we will be playing a little festive, acoustic set on the 29th of December at the amazing High Barn in Essex for anyone that fancies getting out of the house by that time... we believe there may still be a few tickets left... HERE!

We've also just put together a little video for you all to give you a behind the scenes look at what went on at our Christmas party... featuring quite a lot of the most fun drunk guy you've ever seen... Mr. Michael Hall!


Much love and festive cheer!

Mike, Ad, Clark and Rob




Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 13.04.13

So here it is, open for everyone's viewing pleasure, our VIP's had the first look, then all our "Retweeters" had their look yesterday and today, August 16th 2011 from now on will be known as, "The day that the video for the next Rubylux single - What you need - was made public, released and viewed worldwide and also Clark wrote a quick blog about the video... day"

The video was shot over 2 days and LOADS of you were involved one way or another and for that we are eternally grateful!

A BIIIGGGG Shout out to some people who made this video possible... Ian Harris @ VW Kampers for lending us his beautiful Campervan, not only did it serve a great purpose, but it also helped Ad realise the significance behind the term Campervan... and I quote "Ahhhh, it's a van you go camping in"

Sam Hughes, Uncle Neil and Craigy "TM" Waigy for managing the food and drinks on the beach day.

And last but very much not least Me. Nah, only joking... Sam Bond. Sam Bond, Sam Bond so great we named him twice! Not only does this guy have the magical video shooting and editing eye but has the patience of a saint (when sober) and was hanging out the boot of Mike's car, squeezed into gaps he found that I can not repeat in a public forum, to get shots for this great video!

And obviously all you guys who turned up for the beach day! Thanks to each and every one of you for turning up and making a good weekend a GREAT weekend!

Stop blabbing on now Clark and put up the video, ok, cool, sorry!

Aaaaaand Breatheee! New Video Diary

Howdy gang, We've had a really fun week! Played in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Liverpool, and every date was great. Always nice to see people singing along to our songs in places we've never played before!

Morale has been at an all time high on the Ruby-bus! We've invented some great games such as Guess the Pudding (guaranteed fun at any party!) And of course 'Gift of the Day' which involves each band member taking it in turns having to present a gift to the rest of the band at 3pm every day to the tune of Match of the Day... We've had some great treats this week, it's with great fondness I cast my mind back to the sunny afternoon in Edinburgh when Rob's Scottish offering was presented to us.. a Scottish Pen, Sottish biscuits, Scottish sweets and a whole load more Scottish based tat... Which we loved! Ad bought us some Liverpool FC based gifts (as we we're outside Anfield at 2.55 and he'd forgotten it was his turn)... But nevertheless, we throughly enjoyed the football shaped chocolates, and discounted 'Torres' fridge magnets!

Before I present you with the latest video diary (which is one of my favorites yet), its time for a small Plug! Our London show on the 12th April at Proud Galleries will be our last show of the tour, and we're planning on going out with a bang. So if you've seen us on tour this month, and have friends in or around LDN, drop them a message and get them to come and say hello! Tickets are still available here: http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/clubs/musicvita-rubylux-live-tickets-27632-32432.html

Sooo... We've got a few days to chill out before we head back on the road on Thursday (Manchester, Dry Bar). Check the Gigs page to see all the latest dates... And we'll catch up with you all soon!

Lots of Love,

Mike x


Monday the 13th, lucky for some... ?

Soooooooo, slightly hungover after a brilliant night celebrating the birthday of Craig "The Dutchess" Hunt, reminded me of our antics over the summer during our UK Street gig tour... Check out us Conga line-ing through our fave "On Tour" choice of eatery (Harvester), getting into some trouble with the Pow-Leeece and other various shenanigans. Unfortunately we never got video evidence of Craigs marvelous surfing skills in action down in Newquay...

Clark XXX

a 3 in one special!

K, we have been pretty busy and haven't put up advent treats for 2 nights! so here is a 3 door special just for YOU!!! yes YOU!!!... no not you though, you're naughty, but YOU, YES!!! :) Here's Hold Fire back when it was initially written, back when Mike had an upside down house (slept downstairs) and back when we were all left handed apparently?!

Mike swore a lot back then too... and we had terrible taste in T-Shirts ;)

This video as Ad describes at the start of it... is the Official beginning of the Rubylux Video Diary, it features a hat-less Me, a long haired Rob, a Shorter haired Adam and Mike "Pre-Jedward". Oh and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

Also a quick glimpse there of the Genius who is Russ Hayes. Magician.

Right, to finish your 3 day treat... you greedy bathtubs!!!

We have met loads of lovely people on our travels over this beautiful blue and green rock, but none have been friendlier, more welcoming, entertaining, informative and just good old lovely chaps than Mike Cadogan and his ultra talented family!! Check this out for some drumming!!!

Well, I should also mention that today is our Tour Manager Craig "The Dutchess" Hunt, if you haven't seen him or his antics before.. I leave you with this excerpt from the Rubylux Channel's - Displatches. Happy Birthday Craigy!!!

Well, what was supposed to be 3 became 4, but that's how I roll, If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise, what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?



Back in Brighton! - Here's some Waffle

After a long stretch back in my motherland (Wales, Cymru, Pays Des Galles, God's Country, Land of the Jumping cars, Where they mine Pot Noodles) I'm back in Brighton!!! Equipped with my moon boot and dual crutch weapons I'm back in the Rubylux machine and are on the roll again! AUSTRALIA NEXT WEEK!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Slightly Excited.

Stopping off in Singapore on the way too, good to squeeze another country in when you go somewhere new innit!

Anyway, just a hey! to say Hello and that I'm back and the slight limp I'll have for the next few weeks might slow me down, but slow and steady makes perfect scrambled eggs right?

We've just come off Ustream and had a lovely time chatting to everyone who tuned in, we promise to do more to keep you lot up to date with 'Live' video chats! here's our Channel for future use... www.ustream.tv/channel/rubylux

Here's a video from before I broke my heel and was in top form!

Catch you later aligator! Or as the say in Australia... Catch you later!



Hi y'all, Just a quick one to say thanks to everyone that was at the show last night, and for being the loudest crowd the Old Market has ever seen!  We're glad you guys are enjoying the new songs!

Particular thanks go out to Craig Hunt - Tour Manager, Ellie and Joe - Strings, Sam Bond - Rubylux Official Photographer, Danielle Knight - Promotion and Front of House, Gareth George - Guitar Tech, Mark Forster, Chris and Dave - Sound and Light, Kirki and Sally - Merchandise, Helen and Lisa - Mailing List and Front of House, Tim, Sam, Kate and The Video Crew.. (DVD Coming Soon!!!) All the management and staff at The Old Market. And of course our very own Bob James, without whom we probably would have gone on stage in our boxers, and forgotten to actually bring our instruments with us...

Don't forget the album will be available from iTunes and Amazon etc from the 7th of June!

Meanwhile, check out our little buddy Ashley doing his "Boy Could Fly" dance!  I particularly like the grand finish!

Ashley's Boy Could Fly Dance...

Much Love



We'll Be Back......

So, we arrived back in the UK on Saturday from our 2 month Asian trip...  and after having the weekend to recover from the epic 18 hour flight, we got straight back to work today preparing for our Huuuuuuuge show in Brighton on the 28th of May. As it's the official launch night of our first album 'Fake Control' we aim to make it a spectacle not to be missed,  so we are planning everything down to the fine details... which is proving very difficult to do with Clark's RIDICULOUS new cough!  It's the loudest, most irritating, terribly timed cough I've ever known.  We literally couldn't talk over him today, and to top it off when Clark wasn't coughing the electrician in the cafe was drilling, and when he wasn't drilling the loud voiced northern man was ordering a lamb roast and talking about his "yoga class"!  Now, I'm not easily irritated (some people may disagree) but watching Mike nearly explode with all this going on nearly pushed me over the edge aswel.  It's been a tough day!

Anyway, it's good to be home...although we really miss our friends at the Hard Rock Cafe already.  We had such a great time and we are really looking forward to touring Asia later this year!

Although, next time we will arrange to send our excess baggage before we get to the airport!  I think you will get a feel from these pictures of the tension we felt when we were told we were 50kg's over our baggage allowance...


Details for today's live broadcast!

We're going to be broadcasting one of our sets at Hard Rock Cafe, Saigon at 3:15pm today, UK time...... It's still a bit of an experiment at this stage, and the sound quality may not be great just yet, but come and say hi at......


See you there!


A little catch up for you all of our time in Asia so far......

So, to take my mind off of the bug and lizard situation that was controlling my life here for a couple of weeks, I decided to learn how to make a video properly and edit some of the HOURS of footage we've taken on our little video camera since we've been here.Just to give you guys an idea of what we've been up to so far. Plenty more to come so keep checking back!


Snow Time Like The Present

Snow time like the present! Hello, G'day, Hyvaa paivaa, Konichiwa and Pnawn da!

As everyone in the UK will know, the snow has seen the country grind to a halt!

So... while everyone is at home, with nothing to do, other than think of funny snow puns for their facebook status, we thought we would send you out a newsletter to keep you entertained!

First up, here is a BRAND SPANKING NEW video of "Screaming Surrender", recently performed in a LIVE acoustic session. Hope you enjoy. (feel free to comment on the youtube video and send to all your friends!)

In other news... Our slot at Singfest 2009 has been confirmed so we will be heading out to Singapore this coming August to play at the festival, and other gigs around Asia. This year's line up is still being finalised, but last year saw Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Panic at the Disco and One Republic play, so hopefully this year will be even bigger and better.

We're still working on our debut album, and have been spending more and more late evenings in the studio working on new tracks, and re-mixing some of the old ones! One of our songs "Don't Feel So Low" is just being polished off and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley, who has mixed some great records, by acts such as Razorlight, The Feeling, Stereophonics and (Ad's favourite singer), Leona Lewis!

We're hoping to start performing the new songs at our next couple of shows, and can't wait to get back to street gigging as soon as the weather picks up! For those of you who've seen us play on the street before, you'll know how it works. We pull up, unload the gear, fire up our trusty generator, and play as many songs as possible, before the police turn up and move us along! We've made many friends, in many different towns and cities over the last year or two, and hope to make this year the biggest yet! If you know a good spot where we can play in your area let us know!

We'd like to rap this up, and let you get back to the snow puns, by reminding anyone who hasn't yet downloaded our FREE 4 track EP, to do so by visiting http://rubylux.co.uk/freeEp.php and entering the Voucher Code: 4H7K3F.

As usual, please help us by forwarding the link (or this newsletter) to as many of your friends as possible! Help spread the RUBY-LOVE!

See you all soon, Rob, Mike, Ad, Clark