Graham Norton…


So this time last week Sir Graham Norton played our song ‘Red Moon Falls’ on his BBC Radio 2 show… which is lovely. It has also been pointed out by numerous people that Graham had a little chat about us after our song. Graham was particularly complimentary about how handsome SOME members of the band are, but how “achievable” other members are.  So we feel that now is the time to address this point, and to help Graham and all of you guys to understand our very unique look… Now as most of you will know, ALL UK BANDS for the last 15 years, without exception have been put together by Louis Walsh at the Bootcamp stage of TV show ‘The X Factor’… We were of course, no different. It’s just how it’s done now! (Ask Snow Patrol if you don’t believe me!!!)

Usually, Louis will pick 4 or 5 of the best looking singers and bundle them together in a cynical attempt to win votes from the Great British public… but with us, Louis decided to experiment a little and deviate from his usual formula.  Having discovered the obvious model good looks of our very own Rob and Clark, Louis felt the best way to display their innate beauty would be to drape them against a rather more plain backdrop. In fact, his exact words were…

“Find me an ‘effin drummer who looks like a Muppet that Jim Henson didn’t finish, put in his woodworm riddled shed and forgot about for a decade!”


“A keyboard player who looks like he could have been good looking, but then didn’t step off the escalator at the end, got pulled in and squashed down to half his original height. BUT he was left with the genitals of a much taller man so in a way he is still happy!”  (What? I’m writing the blog!!!)

So… Mike and I were discovered and Rubylux was formed!  It’s an unusual set-up, but it works for us. After that strange start where we had to battle with being only half as good looking as some of the other bands that Louis creates, we are really happy to now be hearing our songs on radio stations all over the UK and in a way, we ourselves have even forgotten just HOW ugly we are… so it took Graham to mention it for us to remember our past and pluck up the courage to let you in to our little secret!

Love as always X PS some events in this blog are likely to have been fabricated for your entertainment!!!  Except that bit about why Ad is a bit short etc…

vine time

A couple of our vines over the last few weeks and a selection of some favourites. :) A 'BrittleStar' sort of 'cover vine'... if you're on vine follow him, clever guy!

We do love a free meal...

BatDad is a new discovery for us.. we like!

Our friend Mike Verna has some serious muso skills... check him out!

That awkward moment when...

He does dress quick...

Clark - Vineyard Manager

RockNess - Tour Diary

A few bits of footage from our (well mainly Mike's actually!) time at Rockness Festival in Scotland…


Mike's Lionel and J-Lo!

Here's the scoop… We're going old school on this competition… It's a drawing one! So, as you know we're on the line-up for Heart in the Park this coming Sunday July the 14th along with Lionel Richie and J-Lo!!!

We have 2 FREE TICKETS to give away to the person that DRAWS the best/funniest/most imaginative/most interesting/one we like the most picture of the 2 headline acts: LIONEL RICHIE and J-LO!

Draw it… upload it to Facebook/Twitter or email it to us

We'll pick the one we like the most, and give you a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS!


*Please make sure you are available to attend Hyde Park on this coming Sunday (14/7/13) as tickets are non-transferable and can only be collected on the day at the gate!

**Mike has kindly done a very basic little sketch of his own to get you going…  GO NUTS WITH IT!





taste festival

Now this is my kind of festival... FOOD! DRINK! MUSIC! GREAT FOOD! DRINK! MUSIC! BETTER FOOD! The 4 of us are currently nursing food babies from stuffing our faces at the London Taste Festival at Regents Park.

Mike got to pour Larger in 3 different varieties of presentation... "Milk" was questionable, but apparently it's a thing in Czechoslovakia?

Seriously though... what a great festival, if you like your food... you get to eat at Le Gavroche, Savoy, The Cinnamon Club... all within a few 100 feet of each other, passing a few freebies of Old Amsterdam (what a fine Gouda) cubes of gold, a couple of shots of Singleton Whiskey (that goes well with some type of chocolate??...) some more cheese, Olives that fall apart in your mouth etc !DRIBBLE!

Here are some picture highlights...

Oli Farrar (personal fave from MasterChef: The Professionals '11) This guy has skills! Oli Farrar

And Michel Roux Jnr... LEDGE! Mimi

I'm off to make some beans on toast now... might even pop some milk in the beans from all the festivals inspiration...

Clark - Chef de cuisine


Feeling Vine

Morning!! How you feeling? I had peanut butter and strawberry jam on toast, thanks for asking :) That's the small talk done with then.

Just thought I'd try embedding a few videos from this new app thingy called VINE. Heard of it?

Anyway, it's like a Twitter/Instagram, but video that's 6 seconds long and loops. Like a GIF with sound right? I dunno?

Anyway, download it to your iPhone or Android device and search for us... RUBYLUX innit.

We recommend following - Jerome Jarre, Will Sasso, Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Family) and Sandy Buglass. Vine Experts.



Backstage at RockNess

(to be read like a story an infant would write) I am Clark, I am a musician.

When I went to Scotland to play music with my frendz ina big feeld by a laike, which sum peeple sai haz a big MONSTA IN IT!! She is called Nessie

We were eatin food backstaige and we bumped into other music peeple and thei liked our faces and songz so we had picturz taken with them.

Hier iz us and Fatboy Slim with a man called An Example. FatExamp

Here iz us and Newton Faulkner, he has a funi face feature like me Newton

Here is Rocky Morris of Monsta putting a teabag in mai mouth, it was tingley Rocky

Here is us and Fatboy when we asked An Example to leave us alone to talk all things Brighton. RubyFact:- Rob taught Norman and Zoe how to Roller Blade. FatBoi

That was my holiday to Scotland. It was nice.



Last Night


Last night, we played at Shepherds Bush Empire.Last night, we played at Shepherds Bush Empire... Last night, we played at Shepherds Bush Empire.....

Yeah, I have to keep saying it to myself! WHAT A GIG! The venue was packed, and we were welcomed to 2,000 faces, and they were beautiful! (and blurred...) ;)

SBE Crowd

Last night, we played at Shepherds Bush Empire. Sorry had to say it again.

What a venue, what a crowd, what a sound, and Rick! What a man! 63 and still giving it the big guns on stage, absolute legend! If he ever swings by here again, I suggest catching him just to see him scissor kick and slap his guitar with a bunch of flowers.

In other news we have a more affordable show coming up at the 'credit crunch' (anyone still using that term?) price of £5. Head over to the gigs page and buy tickets for our Purple Turtle show.



Life in the Van


Currently sat in the van, on the way to somewhere! I find its more exiting to not ask where we are going, just see where we end up! Just thought i'd post up a few pics from last week. I'm trying to put together a little video diary too, but trying to sift through all the waffle is proving quite difficult!

New Headline Show Announcement!

Rubylux Live

Hi guys, Just a quick one to let you know that our next full headline show will be at London's awesome, spanking new venue Surya… You can grab tickets HERE!

We are deep into the recording our second album and as an "independent" band we have a lot of stuff to deal with on both the creative side and the "business" side of things but we're rocking on that front now… so we're getting hard at work on rehearsing the new songs we've been having to hold back for a little while now… and we're DAMN EXCITED to play you the new stuff live!

We'll see you there!

Ad, Clark, Mike and Rob


Merry Christmas one and all!


We hope you're all having a wonderful day with your loved ones... and enjoy a warm and relaxing festive period! Thought we'd quickly remind you that we will be playing a little festive, acoustic set on the 29th of December at the amazing High Barn in Essex for anyone that fancies getting out of the house by that time... we believe there may still be a few tickets left... HERE!

We've also just put together a little video for you all to give you a behind the scenes look at what went on at our Christmas party... featuring quite a lot of the most fun drunk guy you've ever seen... Mr. Michael Hall!


Much love and festive cheer!

Mike, Ad, Clark and Rob


London Calling...

Rob in Germany

It's been a while since we blogged... Facebook and Twitter seem to get all the exclusives and that is gonna change!!! We've literally just returned from our first short tour of Germany and we're so happy with how things went down! German audiences are just amazing and the band we toured with, Car Park North made us so welcome and are a pretty incredible band! Check them out... We love THIS tune! EPIC!

Germany, it was a blast... and we will be back soon new friends!!!

We're having a nice little chill out at Mike's place today, making a video of our German adventures for you and gearing up for tomorrow's HEADLINE SHOW at The Borderline, London! Tickets available HERE! We can't wait, it's been a while since we got to show London some love!

While we finish making the Germany video, feast your eyes on this little gem we'd forgotten about of when Rob had just finished writing Black Sun Needs Sparks... We've played it at the last few live shows and it's been going down a storm so it's a sure thing for tomorrow's set list! Be there!

That's all for now... Hope you're all well!

Much Love



NB In other very exciting news, I'm trying out some new RED trousers today that I bought in Germany... Reaction has been luke-warm at best! They may be best kept behind closed doors to be honest!

'What You Need' available at iTunes NOW!

What You Need

Ladies and Gentlemen, Our 'What You Need' EP will be available in the UK iTunes Store from Midnight GMT... and it is already available in other parts of the world NOW!

We'd really appreciate it if you were to go and purchase the EP for just £1.29 HERE!!!

To celebrate this exciting-ness we're going to get together tonight and do a little bit of Ustream-ing! We'll give you some exclusive previews of the new songs we've recorded for the next album ahead of next week's Concorde2 show (Tickets available HERE) and let's have a little chat as well yeah?!

Click HERE at 8pm GMT to come over to Ustream!

But most of all get on over to your iTunes and pop our name in the search and buy that EP!

This is how we expect the iTunes chart to look tonight 1. Rubylux 2. Matt Cardle 3. etc...etc And if it doesn't we'll be holding you lot personally responsible!

Seriously though... if everyone downloads, we may just be in with a chance of it charting a little bit! Which would excite us... and when we're excited ANYTHING can happen!

Thanks guys!

Massive Love!!!

Rob, Mike, Clark and Adam X X X X

Radio 2-tastic...

Hi guys! Quick update for y'all... Since we last blogged BBC Radio 2 here in the UK have taken a real liking to us! Which is pretty brilliant, them being the most listened to station in the country and that!

We've had a load of various plays on Radio 2, but excitingly 'What You Need' was played on the Breakfast Show last week by our good ol' buddy Richard Madeley!

And as Vanessa got her face on here the last week for playing us... Here's Rich, with his good wife Judy.

Our next single "What You Need" is being released on October 9th... And is available for Pre-Order NOW!! :) And we REALLY REALLY need your help!

We're an independent band, all the stuff you see going on with us is because we make it happen. There's no big record label... No guru telling us what to do and when to do it. No "Simon Cowell" wiping our bum! (What a terrible image!)

If all you guys can download 'What You Need' as a pre-order right now, when the song is released all of those orders will go through at the same time and give us a real massive chance of getting in the iTunes Chart and giving the likes of Matt Cardle (who's song comes out on the same day) a run for his money!

We're realistic, we won't hit No.1... We'll settle for No. 2 at this stage! But to get up there would really help spread the word about us that little bit more!

Here's the link to buy it from ->

£1.29 for 4 songs!! That's 32.25p a track!! We'll give you the money back when we see you if you don't like it, yeah?!

Here's the video for it ->

Thanks to all of you for your support again!

Rob, Clark, Mike and Adam X X X X


Hi guys, You may have already heard on the ol' Twitter and Facebook etc… but the big news from us right now is:

'What You Need' is to be released as our next single!!!

It's official release will be at midnight on the 9th of October and the EP is available for iTunes Pre-Order NOW!

As you know, we're an independent band and don't have some big record label spending millions of £'s on advertising but we do feel this song can really compete with the big boys… and WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! Every single download will help and the bigger iTunes splash we can make the more chance we have of radio playing us!

Q Radio have already added us to their 'New to Q' playlist, so things have started well… but please Pre-Order the EP on iTunes now to help us make the biggest Rubylux shaped dent we can on the day of release!

Included on the EP is the 'What You Need' (Single Version), a cool Remix by Nate Williams, a brand new acoustic version recorded on our travels in America and an exclusive, previously unheard song called 'Falling For The Siren'!

We've also done a video for What You Need with our very talented buddy Mr. Sam Bond… Check it out HERE!

We're going to do a few select live dates around the country to coincide with the release, so if you can, do get down to see a show near you!

The 2 biggest shows will be October 15th at Concorde2, Brighton AND November 17th at The Borderline, London!

Get your tickets for Brighton HERE!!! And London HERE!!!

Thanks to you guys for helping get us this far… and thanks in advance for downloading the EP and always spreading the word!

Massive amounts of Ruby-Love!

Rob, Clark Mike and Adam


p.s We are playing the main stage at Brighton's 'Shakedown' festival this coming Saturday 17th of September. (With Razorlight, Ed Sheeran, Freemasons… 2 Many DJ's!!!) Pop along if you're in the area!