Hello from the couch of the Coslett-Hughes residence. Well I'm well and truley bored bonkers here, if you haven't heard, I've broken my heel so have gone back to the nest and am resting before we  jet off to Oz!!!

Tell you what… TV is crap. Sky+HD at my disposal and the hundreds of channels available all have absolute rubbish on them. Not only that but the have Absolute Rubbish +1 hour, sometimes +2 hours, so if you missed the crap the first time, you can see it again and again, oh not only that but they have repeat channels everywhere, to be fair the channel Dave does a brilliant job at keeping you on the couch, with its repeats on repeats on repeats, oh and if you missed the repeat of the repeat it’s ok there’s a Dave +1, brilliantly named Dave Ja Vu.

Ok, so you got repeats of repeats all with the option of catching them an hour later. Not only that… you can record your favorite repeats of repeats +1 hour to view whenever you want!

Then I catch myself watching Jeremy Kyle… it’s Divide and Conquer gone mad innit. And I found out that one of the Bouncers off Jerry Springer has it’s own show… seriously, daytime TV is full of people shouting at each other, I NEED TO GET MOBILE NOW!!!

Australia to look forward too though wooo!!!

Anyway, think my broken heel is getting to my head, I’m no gymnast but I will flip soon!


Clarky Boy


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