Double WHAMMY!

So, Saturday is going to be a Ruby-Filled day... well, not filled, but we are VERY excited abooot it! If you've not heard the news then check this out!

"What You Need" will be used on BBC's opening montage of the 6 Nations fixture between Wales and Scotland on Saturday!! Coverage starts at 4:35pm! Amazing!! Welsh friends, spread the word!! And if you haven't already got the song - Head over to iTunes now!!

Our first BBC1 national TV airplay through the magic box thingy!! WE'RE WELL EXCITED! And the excitement doesn't stop there!

Saturday night hosts on of our VIP treatment gigs at the Brunswick in Hove. If you're a VIP member, the gig (and goodies) are all free! A little gesture from us to you to say a thank you for being the best fans and friends in THE WORLD. The gig is open to Non-VIP's at a small charge of £5.

So come watch the Rugby with us (AND CHEER ON WALES) then come get drunk and have a sing song with us, then let's go to the Grand Central pub near the train station in Brighton and finish the night off getting slightly more drunk and singing Welsh songs all night... ok, maybe just Mike and I will do a rendition of Sospan Fach....

So one final WHOOOOOOPPPPPP!!! And I'll leave you with this. The BEST rugby supporters in the world. The song is about a little saucepan on the fire and the big saucepan on the floor. There's also a naughty cat and an Ill servant... and a crying baby.