Girls night in...

Fancy a bit of blogging?  I do! We're currently sitting in a Travelodge room, watching the Big Brother final... Having what feels a lot like a "Girls Night In"!  Tour manager Craig is an avid Big Brother fan, but this is my first episode, and it's the last one EVER!  I'll be a bit gutted if I enjoy it to be fear of that so far though.

We're up near Nottingham at the moment...  just done a lovely interview with the lovely Clare Elise at Mansfield 103.2 FM (She's got proper cool red hair).  Then tomorrow we're off to Leeds and Sheffield to hit the streets there, and do a string of interviews!

Craig is in bed feeding Mike chocolate... and Me, Rob and Clark are drinking some Red Wine from tastes like shit!

I also just got asked to try and style Clarks hair like Russell Brand...  Done!  Check Craig's Facebook, for proof!

Is that long enough for a blog?

Maybe a bit longer?

Nah, that'll do!