Oooh, who's that in the paper!?

Hey All, It's been a while since I wrote a 'lil blog... Much like 90% of my Facebook status', I usually write them, then decide to delete them at the last minute, so lets see if this one makes the cut! (If your reading this, it means it has! Wooohoo!)

We've had a little bit of time off over the last week, which has been cool, (but boring!). We've started writing a few new tunes, and already have some big ideas for the next album, (maybe a bit premature, but it can only be a good thing!)

Exciting news! We are featured in today's Guardian, a lovely little write up about our summer street gigging tactics. You can check it out here;

I'm starting to panic a bit now, about Australia. I haven't thought about what the hell I'm going to take, and was quite shocked to hear that it is cold over there at the moment! I just assumed Australia was hot all day, every day!! We're also stopping off in Singapore for a few days before we get to Aus, we'll be doing a bit of Promo for the album out there, plenty of interviews and radio sessions, which we like! Can't speak a word of ....(Hold on while I just quickly google what language it is they speak there, in an attempt to pass it off as a bit of intelligence) MALAY, MANDARIN OR TAMIL! (Wow, didn't know that!)

The 'Main Event' of our trip to Australia will be performing at the One Movement festival, at the MUSEXPO showcase event. This takes place in Perth between the 6th-8th Oct. More dates are being added to the diary every day though, so looks like we won't have to much time to wrestle alligators, stroke koala's or travel around in the pouch of a kangaroo...

We had a meeting this morning, and amongst trying to (non)discreetly show off our faces in the Guardian to the Waitress, we have decided on a date and venue for our next big show! We will be announcing this as soon as its all confirmed...

(Just realised how much easier it is to write a blog while you've got music blaring out loud! Currently listening to Jamie Cullum, which has been great up until this particular song!)

Clark WATCH!

Clark's recovery is getting there! He might be hopping around the stage a bit, but we'll figure out a way of making it part of the show... Maybe attach some pyro to his crutches or something... Or a smoke machine built in to his cast?! He's been so bored since breaking his heel, he's been sending us so many pointless emails, we've started to worry that he may have also sustained a head injury. (Joke! Sorry mate!) (haha, lolz, rolf). However, its not only Clark that's been bored, Ad decided to put together an open letter, in the form of a youtube video. Check it out here

Right, enough of that waffle... Speak to you all soon! I've got to get back to "accidentally" showing people my face in the paper!