Ich habe eine belegtas brote!

Guten tag! That's as far as my German takes me... Just thought we'd share our recent airing on RTL, a major channel in most parts of Europe I think? RTL stands for Radio Television Luxembourg, but in French... and it's shown in Germany? something like that?!

Anyway here's the show and you wanna skip to 3:50min, unless of course you are a fan of this show, then go pop the kettle on and watch your favorite German show right here, right now... RUBYLUX ON RTL

The question on everyone's lips... did Schnowy er Schnee-mann survive? Any Germans want to correct me on my translation for snowman there??

Anyway, just wanted to share the happiness, we like to smile lots when things like this happen, I look like this :) Mike looks like this :) Rob looks like this :) and Ad looks like this :)

Auf wiedersehen!