Late night blogging. Dear Ruby fans,

It's been a while since I've personally posted anything but I promise to keep everyone up-to-date on ALL shenanigans (now that we've got this lovely new site to post on!!) We're still out in France recording and to give you an idea of what we intend to achieve here...We started making the album on the 10th

August this year and we don't expect to finish until at least February next year. We're developing our sound, writing new songs, taking time to experimentwith new instruments and have built an amazing working relationship with James Sanger. We're staying in his holiday home/studio with his family who we've gotten to know really well and we've even cooked a few times! (That was quite traumatic... ;0))

So... It's gonna be a while till the album is completed but I believe in the Guinness adverts... "Good things come to those who wait,"  and we've been given the opportunity to showcase our lifetime of rehearsing, gigging, writing, buying vans that breakdown, etc, in one small Compact disc! (or download file.)

Actually can't wait to play everyone the new songs! Below are some lyrics to a new song that I wrote last week.

The song was inspired by many late nights discussing existentialism and the continuous quest to find our own personal truth... even if it means turning against everything we've learnt. I think we all have our own ideas about what we should believe, and rather than be told... it should come from within... or "inside".

"Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others".

Much love to you and look foward to seeing you soon.

Keep in touch,

Rob. x


Instincts are caught in the way, Makes it harder to appreciate, The spoonful of shit that we're fed, By a history of violent bloodshed,

Oh, maybe, I don't understand why we, educate this land only, To forget why we're here...

Forgetting the world that's inside, Is where you'll find love. Divine is in each of us.

Emotions are trapped in a box, It's catharsis, it's how I get off, Is it too much to live this for real? Are we too comfortable just running on the wheel?

Coz they cage you, But they tell you they'll save you, And when you trust them they'll trade you, Trade your soul for their fear.

Forgetting the world that's inside, is where you'll find love. Inside, is where you'll find love. Divine is in each of us.

Do I change? What pieces remain of my secret life? I'm turning against my needless desire, There's no going back once you start this fire, There's no going back.

Remember the world that's inside, Is where you'll find love, Reside with your questions of, Inside, is where you'll find love. Divine, is in each of us.