iPhone on Toast...

'sup y'all! Bit of American I picked up to start the blog for you there…

Hope you're all liking the snazzy new site… Despite my awful miserable-ness in that main photo! Who thought that was a good idea?! I've got that moody sexy thing going on though right?

I've had a weird week… been without my laptop which is a lifestyle change that just feels uncomfortable. I all of a sudden had loads of time on my hands I don't normally have! Couldn't record anything at home (so I didn't see Clark for a few days)… Couldn't get on Facey-B or Twatter and all that lark either. Let's be honest, it just isn't fun to do that on a phone is it?! Speaking of which, I dropped and smashed iPhone number 8 today! What a wally!

iPhones have really got that "Toast always lands butter side down" thing going on haven't they?!

Just had an idea for a toast based app… I'll get back to you on that!


Blog 1 on the new website… DONE!

Good innit?!


Here's a pic I liked (despite me doing my stupid Stevie Wonder head) courtesy of Rachel Stanikk from our recent show at The Brook in Southampton! AMAZING venue!