Jan 3rd is it

A day that all iPhone users wil remember as... my alarms are working again... seriously did you hear about that? well... in my case not ha! But on Jan 1st and 2nd iPhones decided they'd take their alarms on holiday and not bother giving anyone a wake up call. Well, I'm still in Wales and am very much looking forward to getting back to RubyHQ and start the 2011 domination plan, big things are lined up for the start of this year and we'll announce them as soon as we are allowed :)

What's that? you want to see a video of me shaving? what a weird question? You're pretty weird for asking that question... Weirdo...

Well, there's me shaving off my Xmas coat, I look 12 now and need ID to get into my parents fridge,

Happy New Year! And may this huge Calendar defining non-physical event bring you much joy and hope all your re-solutions are held!

See you soooooooon!

Clarky Boy