Jet Laaaaaaag......

So, I've never been out of Europe before, and this jet lag lark is rubbish!  I didn't feel like this when we done a gig on the Isle Of Wight, and we had to go on a boat and everything! It's 2:30am and I CAN'T SLEEEEEEP! We've been here a week now so thought I'd chip in with an update...

First up, the gigs so far have been awesome, the crowds have been big and  we've met some really cool people from every country I have ever heard of and other ones I didn't even know existed and it's been so cool just how friendly everyone is!

We went to our neighbours for lunch today which was a pretty delicious Spag Bol,  then had dinner at the HRC......(Salmon Caesar Salad if you were wondering)...

So, I just realised I've written what I had for lunch and dinner in a blog which suggests to me I'm actually delirious and boring and really should try to sleep...

But, I need to write more otherwise this is a really short blog, how about a list of ACTUAL facts...Here we go:

1: I feel drunk but haven't drank anything...

2: There's a Gecko hiding behind my Air Con.

3: I sleep with the light on in the hope it scares off Cockroaches.

4: Some members of Rubylux are in the habit of using the word ACTUAL waaaay to many times!

5: I know at least 2 other members of Rubylux are feeling the same as me as they are also signed in to Skype at what is now 3am!

7: I keep feeling things touch me, I think it's a bug...then I look and there's nothing there!

8: I missed out 6 because I'm in an unstable mental condition.

9: Our good friend and chief "roadie" Craig is in bed with food poisoning.

10: I haven't got a 10th ACTUAL fact but the OCD wouldn't let me finish on an odd number!

Ah but I missed 6, so technically I have done an odd number of facts!!!  Ahhhhhh!