Hey Hey Y'aaaaaall! As you may know we're currently out in the U.S of A at a big ol' music event called MUSEXPO. We spent our first day here in Hollywood doing the tourist thang, having our picture taken by the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign, paid a visit to Santa Monica and the beach, stuffed our faces full of hearty American food, played with a Lizard, and rode along Muscle Beach on a tandem bicycle… y'know, all the usual stuff!

While out here we've also been lucky enough to meet up with one of the great inventors and scientists of our time, Professor. John Searl. Clark has a big interest in all things magnetic (Check out The SEG in Google) and has managed to get us all into it (even Mike!) So to go and meet a man who is essentially the "Einstein" of our time at his home was a great honour for all of us! Eternal thanks to Brad Lockerman and Stephanie Specht for your hospitality. X

For the last few days we have been busy checking out some other bands and meeting music industry types from all over the world. But it's now time for the real reason we're here… preparing for our huuuuuge showcase gig TONIGHT (Wednesday) at the legendary S.I.R Studio's here in Hollywood! We've been down to the venue a few times to see some other brilliant bands (Maneken, One Night Only and our good Norwegian buddies John Snow to name a few) and it's an awesome place with a nice big stage that we're very confident of rocking on!!!

We're on at 9:30pm which is 5:30am in the UK so if you're awake, think of us!