Last (Broken) Leg of the tour...

Hey y'all! So we've just completed the last leg of our nationwide "Street Gig" tour today!

This week has seen us go to the north of the UK and has proved… interesting to say the least!

Here's a brief outline of the weeks' main events:

- We started in Nottingham on Monday, Craig ate some Kangaroo for the first time…he didn't like it!

- Tuesday, we sat in the van in the rain.

- Wednesday, we played for the beautiful people of Leeds and done an interview for The Guardian!!!  Oooooooh Errrrrrr!  We also saw the biggest cakes ever in a restaurant in Haydock and have regretted not picking one up ever since!

- Thursday, we went into the offices of in Wigan and had a chat and played a couple of songs for their website…then had a nice curry with Rob's Dad who lives in Liverpool… THEN, had a couple of beers, then a couple of Vodka and Red Bulls, then just a couple shots, then had and amazing night at The Cavern and a good ol' sing along to The Beatles, accompanied by a few more beers, vodka, and shots…  then Clark climbed to the top of a really high gate, jumped… and


Thursday/Friday am was then spent in A and E with Clark pretending it didn't really hurt…  He's now on crutches and resting up back in Wales, look out for him hobbling to a pub near you!

Here's his lovely cast...

In other exciting news, we've been nominated for some BMA's (Brighton's answer to the Brits apparently)!  Which is awesome…  so we'd love it if you can vote…

Each vote costs 50p which goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust in it's entirety!!! So vote for us in as many categories as you can using PayPal or debit/credit card, and be sure your money is going to a good cause!

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That's all for now folks…