London Calling...

Rob in Germany

It's been a while since we blogged... Facebook and Twitter seem to get all the exclusives and that is gonna change!!! We've literally just returned from our first short tour of Germany and we're so happy with how things went down! German audiences are just amazing and the band we toured with, Car Park North made us so welcome and are a pretty incredible band! Check them out... We love THIS tune! EPIC!

Germany, it was a blast... and we will be back soon new friends!!!

We're having a nice little chill out at Mike's place today, making a video of our German adventures for you and gearing up for tomorrow's HEADLINE SHOW at The Borderline, London! Tickets available HERE! We can't wait, it's been a while since we got to show London some love!

While we finish making the Germany video, feast your eyes on this little gem we'd forgotten about of when Rob had just finished writing Black Sun Needs Sparks... We've played it at the last few live shows and it's been going down a storm so it's a sure thing for tomorrow's set list! Be there!

That's all for now... Hope you're all well!

Much Love



NB In other very exciting news, I'm trying out some new RED trousers today that I bought in Germany... Reaction has been luke-warm at best! They may be best kept behind closed doors to be honest!