Lost in Liverpool...

As I'm typing this blog, Craigy has told us we're lost on our way into Liverpool... ah... we're back on track now. Ohhh Look Anfield! A quick update on the tour... We've been to Scotland which is a first for Rubylux and myself personally, and I bloody love the place! We had a warm welcome to Glasgow and met some good friends and had an absolutely smashing night out! The next night was Paddy's day so as expected the streets were full of carnage in Edinburgh, a successful gig and plenty of free drinks! Thank you Edinburgh!

After a quick visit to the Edinburgh castle we headed back to England with a quick stop off for Craig to entertain himself jumping back and forth over the borders of England and Scotland, oh and a quick visit to a beach (Video to follow soon!)

On our way to the venue in Liverpool so must dash now as we have to do all important stuff like... argue over the set list, attempt to warm up some vocal chords and of course rush to have a quick wee before playing!

Hello to everyone new we've picked up along the way! How's you, you well? And to all the hardcore Ruby-Fans! We miss ya and love you!