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Falling in love with Ho Chi Minh more every day! We ate "on the streets" tonight after another amazing gig at the Hard Rock.

The eating establishment was situated on a road... outside a day market with bendy plastic seats and what seemed to be a Vietnamese version of a black and decker workmate with a cloth over it. Obviously this was uncomfortable for Ad, but he plucked the courage to dine on some traditional spring rolls... he didn't choose noodle soup because he thought it was just dirty water. Best noodles ever!

Definitely one of the best meals I've had in a while!!

Ahh... the power has just tripped out in our apartment... might have to wait till morning to post this...

Good night! good morning or good evening wherever you are!

... let's hope that it wasn't dirty water hey... the toilet paper is too thin here...


Ohh the power is back.