Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to you all! Our New Years resolution, is to blog more, and put actual information in it... and not a load of rambling... or stuff that doesn't make sense... or pictures of Banana's we've drawn on... actual real stuff that people care about!

New Year, New Start... So here's some information...

Actual information number 1: We will have a big announcement to, er, announce...and it's coming this week!

Actual information number 2: You can now buy a physical copy of our album, through this very website... it's beautiful! Go to the merch store to order yours NOW!

Actual information number 3: Mike's dog won't stop barking and it's causing me to lose track and now it looks like I'm about to descend into talking rubbish again... yep, that's happened now!

So here,

For the last time,

For one night only,

For your enjoyment and mine,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please put your hands together,


It's those Banana's again!

Sit back, and just...unashamedly enjoy looking at a picture of some Banana's...Spooning!