So! where to begin…  I guess the start… We’ve mastered the art of turning up on time, what I mean by that is no matter what time plan to meet up or be collected… it’ll be precisely an hour later.

Before I begin a shout out to Mr Chunky Chirps for his extra pair of hands on our excursion to the south west, motivation and general lugging kit about really made the Newquay chapter of the Street Gig tour an easier one and one to remember.

We stopped in Plymouth on the way to Newquay to rest after the long drive from Brighton, which happened to fly by with the help of a few renditions of the obvious Proclaimers and Hanson songs… did I say Hanson… erm no?! Not much to say about Plymouth as we didn’t see much, but the Route 38 cafe looked like a very promising for a lovely bit of toady… ah, it wasn’t. Using the Brighton Breakfast Review rating guide we marked this wannabe redneck eatery at 1 out of 5 mushrooms. The 1 Mushroom point came from our “Kick his arse Sea-bass” impressions… which we all know is from the film Dumb and Dumber… except Ad (Me, Myself and Irene).

As we had already Street Gigged Newquay 3 years ago we knew the perfect plot of public right of way, but forgot how to get there. 5 backseat drivers a TomTom with a sense of humor, many 3 point turns and a very confusing one way system later, we found our spot. In the past we’ve met a lot of resistence doing street gigs, this year seems to be going pretty smooth! We popped ino Sainsbury to let them know what we were up to and they gave us free parking for the day! all the local businesses and bars surrounding said that they don’t mind us making a noise and they’ll even switch off their music systems to have a listen in! What lovely people! or did I speak to soon… We almost got to finishing our set, Rob started playing the teasing intro melody of I Want You when the standing crowd we had gathered started to BOOOOOOH… I was greatly confused, I Want You is a tune! Ahhhh… There was a man in Blue amongst us (HE’S BEHIND YOOOOUUUU). He started to mumble saying he had a complaint etc so I asked our lovely bunch of listeners if they had a problem… no problem, he then changed his tone and got a bit weird whispering into my ear… “if you don’t stop now, I’ll pull your plug”… I was confused, was he a PCSO or a strip-o-gram?! As we have the power of a PA system I addressed this to the crowd, he didn’t seem happy. Apparantly it’s illeagle to amplify anything in the public area… roll on next election when party members go round with their megaphoned cars. He had a complaint and was only doing his job to be fair, it helped us greatly too… the “naughty” factor really makes us look tough. LOL. Ah have I just lost the toughness by LOL-ing…

But it seemed that this was meant to be, as soon as we switched off Jenny the Genny the rain came.

We decided to retire for the day and after a spot of lunch with a confusing assumption of a Garlic Bread serving we hired some wet suits and boards and hit the beach!! I say we collectively, Ad and Mike played no part in the surfing, but made up for it in “Getting the van” duty. So Rob, Chunky Chirps, Craigy and I looking like Pro’s hit the waves. The look soon faded. We were being bowled over by nearly every wave. But to be fair we did “pop up” a few times… and got up on a few waves. ;)

Surfing is pretty tiring.

After a night of “You’re not from round here are you” we managed to escape unscathed from a small village and get an early night for another day in Newquay.

Trying to find a spot as good as yesterday was proving difficult. So we took up someones driveway. Yup, that’s right. Someone had seen us the day before and offered us the driveway outside Goofy’s, a popular lodge right next to one of the beaches.

A BIG shout out to Andy at Goofy’s thank you very much brother! Goofy’s was a few steps away from the entrance to the surf festival so we had a lot of people stopping on their way! A trouble free street gig and hopefully we made lots of new friends and fans :)

We’re just editing a few video’s so for all you non-readers… congratulations if you got this far, if I were you I’d look at changing my reading ability status, next blog will be up as soon as we have them done!

And for all you VIP members… little suprises coming your way VERY soon. :)