On Tour!! Day 3

I don't know how we managed to make 2 days feel like 2 weeks but we did it somehow! With our special time machine aptly named the 'Ruby-bus' fueled by Jagerbombs, guess the intro games and Clark's mum's cooking (which is bloody brilliant), we certainly enjoyed our first few days on tour. Amongst the carnage of after parties, it's also been really nice to get the chance to speak to those lovely people that made long journeys to see us play. Thank you! So we started in Cambridge where we played with the amazing Jazz Morley... If you haven't heard of her then check her out. She's on the up but be careful though as she has the power to turn you into an emotional mess! Afterwards, we drove to Reading where we stayed the night and randomly found ourselves in a cattle market trying to get breakfast!!... Not to Clark's amusement being the vegetarian in the group! We then continued on the road to Clark's home town 'Llanelli' to find that his local paper are keeping up to date with all his musical activities!

A few miles down the road was the venue called 'Sin City' in Swansea where we played with the amazing Martin Goddard and Brother Steve. A thoroughly enjoyable gig with many a sin (mostly alcoholic) commited afterwards! With sore heads, we've made a little pit stop in Brighton today as we're back on the road tomorrow heading up to play in Bedford, then on to Bristol, Southampton, etc etc! Check the tour poster for dates near you and spread the word to all your friends you think might like us!

A big thanks to Sam (aka Mammool with his hat stitched on) and Gaz drums for helping out, Annette and John for having us stay and to all the crazy Llanelli crew that took us out in Swansea! ;0)

Also, we got some good news whilst being away... The U.S version of 'Being Human' used our song 'The Boy Could Fly'! It's in episode 7 if you missed it. Check it out!

Hope to see you all really soon!

Lots of love,

Rob. x