Radio 2-tastic...

Hi guys! Quick update for y'all... Since we last blogged BBC Radio 2 here in the UK have taken a real liking to us! Which is pretty brilliant, them being the most listened to station in the country and that!

We've had a load of various plays on Radio 2, but excitingly 'What You Need' was played on the Breakfast Show last week by our good ol' buddy Richard Madeley!

And as Vanessa got her face on here the last week for playing us... Here's Rich, with his good wife Judy.

Our next single "What You Need" is being released on October 9th... And is available for Pre-Order NOW!! :) And we REALLY REALLY need your help!

We're an independent band, all the stuff you see going on with us is because we make it happen. There's no big record label... No guru telling us what to do and when to do it. No "Simon Cowell" wiping our bum! (What a terrible image!)

If all you guys can download 'What You Need' as a pre-order right now, when the song is released all of those orders will go through at the same time and give us a real massive chance of getting in the iTunes Chart and giving the likes of Matt Cardle (who's song comes out on the same day) a run for his money!

We're realistic, we won't hit No.1... We'll settle for No. 2 at this stage! But to get up there would really help spread the word about us that little bit more!

Here's the link to buy it from ->

£1.29 for 4 songs!! That's 32.25p a track!! We'll give you the money back when we see you if you don't like it, yeah?!

Here's the video for it ->

Thanks to all of you for your support again!

Rob, Clark, Mike and Adam X X X X